tvd flashbacks

I’m really gonna miss this show and I actually can’t believe that everything is over now.😭💞 I mean no more…

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…flashbacks with the one and only salvatore brothers💞

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…lovely Bamon moments🤗

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…wedding dreams with Steroline 💍👰💫💞

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…times with the happy friendship trio 🎓🛍♾

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…creepy vibes in Mystic Falls💒🔥🚔📚⚰

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…drunk Kathrine Pierce Smile 😆🍷🍾🗺

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… hot and epic Delena kisses 😍💕💥💣 #thevampirediariesforever

*Requested* Imagine being best friends with Niklaus in the 10th century and defending him against Mikael.

( I got really passionate about the confrontation between Y/N and Mikael. These are some of the things, I aways wanted to say to Mikael if I could. Anyway I hope you enjoy this and thank you for requesting.)

Word count: 604

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You grew up in a small village with your best friend as a neighbor. You and Niklaus did everything together, since you both were children. You would always sneak into the woods, where you build a little tree house, just for the two of you. You did like his family too, except for his father. You have never seen a more cruel and hate filled man. He has not always been this way, though. When you were a kid, he was nice and kind, but sadly he changed into that monster.

One day you are coming back from collecting herbs and other supplies in the woods, as you hear screaming filling the air. You run as fast as you can, carelessly dropping your just collected supplies. As you came closer to the village you recognize from where, or better from whom, the screams come from: Mikael is whipping and beating Niklaus again.

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