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Juby’s TVD Blog Recs >> 7. delenaxnian | Shruthi

What can I say about Shruthi and her lovely little blog? Well, she is honestly one of the most avid, passionate Delena fans I’ve ever had the pleasure to follow, judging from the remarks she makes about the ship to the dumber Stelena fans who constantly attack our ship tag. (She also dislikes Klaroline, five points for her.) Shruthi is one of those rare people who will always have something to say in Elena’s defense, which is good for me, since I constantly find reasons to be annoyed by her, and Shruthi’s arguments remind me why Elena is one of my favorite characters too. I can also say we get along pretty well shipwise because we ship almost everyone on the show, bahaha. Plus, she gets points for being brown. ;D Follow Shruthi, and you will never forget why you ship those beautiful ships known as Delena and Forwood. :)