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The Vampire Diaries | 4x15 vs 6x07 | Elena’s BFF VS Damon’s Bon-Bon

Somewhere along the way, Elena’s BFF became Damon’s Bon-Bon.

In both sets he’s relieved to find Bonnie alive, but in one of them he’s relieved on behalf of Elena and his relationship with her, and in the other, it’s only on behalf of himself. Of Damon Salvatore. The one who spent months with Bonnie in 1994. Because now he knows she’s okay and will be home again.

4x15 - Damon stayed behind to find Bonnie the teenage witch and get her home safely. Because Elena needed her. Because Elena couldn’t lose her best friend after just losing her brother. So Damon found her and hugged her, relieved as fuck because she was okay. Which meant Elena would be ok. And if Elena was okay, then his relationship with her would be too. Because he knew Elena would never forgive him for leaving Bonnie behind. So he did it. For her, for Elena.

6x07 - But now… in S6, Damon’s relieved to find out some proof that Bonnie’s still alive, not because Elena asked him to, or because Bonnie’s her best friend and needs her back. No. He’s relieved because Bonnie’s still alive and this time, is not Elena’s Bonnie he’s worried about. It’s HIS Bonnie that is okay. Not Elena’s, not Jeremy’s, but Damon’s. His Bon-Bon isn’t dead and she’ll be home again.

The biggest thing here is that in 4x15, Damon hugs Bonnie because he loves Elena. But in 6x07, he hugs Ms.Cuddles because he LOVES Bonnie. A hug like that, that can only come from the heart, is born out of love and nothing more.

Reaction to 4X15

Before it even started.

The episode starting with Elena holding the picture frame.

What if that’s not Shane? What if it’s Silas?

Stefan and Caroline talking about needing Damon there to use the sire bond on Elena.

Damon and his “not caring” about Bonnie. Damon logic. <3

Bonnie wants to kill 12 people and unleash all kinds of supernatural nasties back on the world.

Elena finally breaking down.

Damon tells her to turn it off.

Matt crying in his car. Alone. After being so strong for Elena.

Shane is still on the island.

Brotherly bonding between Stefan and Damon.

Elena actually burning the house down.

I am not ok.