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Everyone sucks at lying {2x05 Review}

1. I now find this fight scene between Mason and Jimmy poorly acted and corny. I don’t think I particularly liked it when I first watched it either.

2. Mason is also extremely calm when he tells Tyler the story like it’s the most obvious thing in the world that he ended up killing someone who was supposed to be his friend.

3. And Tyler is also hella calm about the fact that his uncle killed someone and i also love how Mason’s emphasis is on YOU DON’T WANT THE CURSE and not KILLING SOMEONE WILL COMPLETELY MESS YOU UP. IT’S WRONG.

4. OH MY GOD, JEREMY, FIX YOUR HAIR.  I thought his hair was fixed. WHY is it like this still?

5. Oh his hair is sort of fixed just that angle was terrible. Did him NO favours.

6. I love the Stefan and Elena hug scene, it’s really cute and it’s like they’re creating a safe space within the safe space of her room and I like their secret code but the dialogue of this scene always annoyed me because it’s clunky exposition about why they have to fake fight and it could’ve been done a lot smoother.

7. Also super cute that Elena keeps her hand on Stefan’s chest throughout this dialogue.

8. And I just booked that she clasps his hands when he explains their secret code.

9. I still don’t get how Liz would be an absentee mom because she works so much when supposedly nothing happened in Mystic Falls in their lifetime until Damon showed up and started murdering everyone.

10. Paul has such broad shoulders *sigh*

11. I find it hilarious that Tyler had more character development in one minute than Damon in an entire season.Jeremy goes over to him to say hi and see how he’s doing since his father’s funeral and Tyler brushes him off and then sighs and has this look like maybe, maybe we don’t have to be a dick today Tyler, and calls Jeremy back to apologize and its a pointed apology, like it’s clearly something new that Tyler is doing and then he thanks Jeremy for being cool during the funeral. Then he’s Tyler again inviting girls over to his house to party because he’s still Tyler.

12. “I *know* Damon Salvatore, do you know what he’s done for this town?” Liz, the first time you met Damon he was “dating” your underage daughter and it just so happens that when he comes to town people start dying?

13. “Think about it, when did the vampires attacks start happening?” THANK YOU MASON.

14. Damon’s hair is stupid and Liz is a terrible liar. Can anyone in this town actually lie? Like even Caroline who seems to be the best at it isn’t because she’s extra pushy and talkative when she lies.

15. I wanted to write a thing on this but longing is actually associated with SE quite often, “Uh oh, longing looks are being exchanged” and in the next episode Elena warns against longing gazes and in season 3 I think Damon mentions how they look at each other longingly all the time.

16. “No, I’m saying this isn’t up for discussion right now because we have ears on us” *Caroline and Damon turn away a second too late* ALL OF YOU ARE BAD AT LYING AND POKER FACES.

17. “Relationships are about communication” funny, Damon considering you communicate with Elena by killing her loved ones.

18. This party is also super awkward. Tyler and Jeremy standing and drinking while two girls dance awkwardly in front of them, I don’t believe anyone is having a good time.

19. Also this girl asked for a margarita in the Grill not bourbon or scotch or whatever it is you’re pouring her.

20. “I’m really embarrassed about slutting it up with you that day at the swimming hole, I’m really not like that, I promise” —> Guys, THIS is slut shaming. And also an example of why slut shaming is specific to women. Tyler was doing the exact same thing but the writers didn’t feel the need to have him apologize for his behaviour because he’s a dude and that’s what dudes do but she needs to apologize for exhibiting sexual appetite.

21. Girl whose name I don’t remember starts looking at Jeremy’s drawings of wolves,Tyler looks extremely uncomfortable and suspect and Jeremy is staring at him, not even glancing staring, BAD. LIARS.

22. Also Tyler doesn’t know about vampires yet so he wouldn’t know that Jeremy would be in the loop about supernatural stuff so if he sees a whole bunch of sketches on wolves, Jeremy could just like wolves, Tyler, the fact that he shoves him against the wall and chokes him demanding to know why he’s drawing about wolves is disproportionate and stupid. It would’ve been more interesting if Tyler was just on edge learning about all of this and someone who actually didn’t know about wolves was talking about them or drawing them and he loses his shit.

23. I actually really love that Damon knows Stefan and Elena are having “faux drama” in their relationship because he knows they aren’t that couple.

24. Yeah, Caroline didn’t last like two days lying to Elena.

25. Damon, you’re making a scene in a public place. You’re a fucking mess.

26. Also I find this was an oddly touchy episode for Defan. As in they kept touching each other, shoulders and necks and stuff, which just starts in this episode and kind of only happens as much in this episode.

27. “Curse about what?” TYLER, MY GUY, he ALREADY told you he knows about werewolves, this is just redundant.

28. I remember my friend and I watched this episode and went to the mall to copy Caroline’s wardrobe. I still like it but I’d change the top.

29. I know I’m supposed to be like aw, Damon won’t kill Liz because she’s his friend but like um, no? He abused and terrorized her daughter, proceeds to try and kill her ex husband in the next season and just murders everyone. It’s Damon’s MO to not kill you/hurt you just the people you love.

30. Caroline’s fear of Katherine is the only one that makes sense since Katherine suffocated her with a pillow

31. Also Paul is really great in the scene when he and Elena fight over human blood. His eyes are expressive af.

32. “What you did for Caroline’s mom that’s the Damon who was my friend.” He gets brownie points for not killing her? Seriously, this show reaches.

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anonymous asked:

What are your favorite SE quotes per season? Like a top 5 or something, if it's not too much trouble? :)

Um, can we do three per season?

Season 1




Season 2




Season 3




Season 4




Season 5




Season 6




Season 7


It’s really just the one because 7x12 is more about Stefan’s reaction.

Season 8






Stelena + Stefan’s Stare req. by anon

“"Every time Stefan STARES at her she ends up on her back or on a counter or in a deep kiss" - receipts? Please, is for research”.

It’s funny because a while ago I posted a link to Aldis Hodge and Jurnee Smollet-Bell discussing the romantic chemistry they have to portray between their characters through the gazes they share and then they were talking about how they had to figure out certain gazes and how to distinguish them during any given scene. When I made this gifset I was like, so what Stefan stare do I want to show receipts for because Stefan can STARE at Elena with intense vulnerability and they kiss because of it, Stefan can STARE at Elena with giddiness and they can make out because of it, but then I was like, nah I was talking about Stefan’s “So we’re about to have sex” STARE, that’s the one I need to show receipts for. Voila.

*not all of the gifs are mine*

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What do you mean when you say se is a subtle ship? Like their dialogue or expressing their feelings or..?

I mean that Elena and Stefan have their epic, sweeping, fairytale moments, for sure

but even these moments aren’t IN-YOUR-FACE, LOOK AT THEM BEING SO FUCKING EPIC like the show tries to do with DE.

For instance, when Elena goes to kiss Damon in 3x19 Florence + The Machine is in the background wailing AND THE ARMS OF THE OCEAN ARE CARRYING ME and it’s very flashy and it’s like AND ELENA’S HAIR IS BLOWING IN THE WIND AND DAMON IS TOPLESS, LOOOK. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK AT THEM

Whereas 1x10, it’s just Stefan and Elena, it’s just Nina and Paul and their chemistry, it’s their expressions, it’s their words

and when “Cut” does start to play, it’s really more an accompaniment than anything else.

And with DE, the show likes to stop everything to see them be together plus gives them overblown, overwrought dialogue BECAUSE THEY ARE SO EPIC



whereas with Stelena there’s more subtlety in displaying their love because they don’t actually rely too heavily on tropes like they do with DE what they do is find ways for them to show their love that makes sense for Stefan and Elena and that’s also entwined with the plot, like the blood-share

This isn’t highly romantic because Stefan is drinking Elena’s blood, this is highly romantic because Stefan is an addict and human blood makes him erratic and violent but Elena is opening her veins to him because she trusts him and she loves him and she believes in them. That’s way more nuanced and framed much more subtly than a rain kiss that’s supposed to be romantic because its a trope.

Or the fact that the SE love is shown in the details such as the fact that in 2x18 she’s wearing Stefan’s shirt like no big deal

or that Stefan says he’s on edge so Elena naturally goes to rub his shoulders and it isn’t framed like AND NOW SHE’S RUBBING HIS SHOULDERS, it’s just fact

Or even the way Stefan and Elena are positioned in relation to one another, which shows that they’re aligned with each other

Or the way that Elena just never not has her hand on Stefan’s chest and they’re legit just talking but her hand is simply always on his chest

That’s what I mean.

Also Nina’s hands are going kinda low, lmao.