“i dont know.” you stated.

they looked at each other for a second then back to you, “come on, its easy, im so much better than him.” Katherine laughed.

Damon rolled his eyes, “as if.”


requested by anon

Little by little, Kol had began to pull away from you, distancing himself from you. You were confused at first until you realised why he was doing it. Recently, you’d told him that you loved him and… he hadn’t said it back. 

“Kol, what’s going on?” You asked him finally, “Ever since I told you that I lo-”

“Don’t say it.”

“What? Why?”

He looked down, “Only say it if you mean it.”

“I do mean it; that’s why I told you.”

“Truly?” You nodded, “No one’s… No one’s ever shown me love before, not even my family really. I was scared; I am scared.”

Plec: “This friendship with Damon has gotten so strong, it’s like she(Bonnie) would lay down and die to protect him”

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Bonnie willing to sacrifice herself for the millionth time? Not even as a bonkai shipper would I want Bonnie to lay down and die for Kai. But Bonnie laying down her life and dying to protect yet another person? And Damon at that? 

She added:  “Not just because she cares about him, but because Elena cares about him as well. “

How can anyone still watch this garbage?