“How can you stan Bonnie but want her to hook up with the love of her friends life? The same friend that sacrificed 60 years.”

Gee, I don’t know, maybe same way you "stanned” Elena hooking up with the love of her life’s broski while he sacrificed his life for him. I love how codes suddenly apply.

Also, Elena sacrificed nothing, she had no CHOICE. It was KAI who did it to her,  not Bonnie.

Steroline Fanfic | Tell Him Yes

lefleur89 said: Hola! Igual es un poco ñoño pero había pensado que Stefan estuviese en el jardín en un banco, sofá, hamaca (lo que quieras) leyendo algún libro. Al rato sale Caroline y se sienta con él sin decir nada y poco después le pregunta qué está leyendo. Él le contesta (el libro que quieras o sin decir título) y ella le pide que le lea un poco porque está aburrida, y justo la parte que Stefan lee en voz alta es algo romántico o algo así. A ser posible que sea poco después del final de la 6a temporada y que no estén juntos. Gracias!

A/N: I was a little indecisive between ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ and ‘Tokio Blues: Norwegian Wood’, but I have finally decided that the former is more appropriate for Stefan. Love the idea, thank you!

Caroline looked at him through the window, indecisive. Silence overtook the house and she could not be more bored. It had been months since the wedding; the first days of class had begun; and the small garden that she had planted in a small plot of land of the Salvatore house had already produced its first flowers.

She felt alone. Bonnie was there, but she was not the same. However, who was she kidding? Nobody was the same since that day. Her aim goal since then had been cheer her best friend up, try to make her see that she had to live her life and be happy. Sometimes, she succeeded. Others, Bonnie preferred being alone.

She stared at the ceiling, since Bonnie’s bedroom was right there on the top floor. At least she did not live alone. She, however… She lived on her own, making her spend most of the time at Whitmore or in that house, spying on him through the window.

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