Naachan asked the other members’ opinion about Dendenmu chu! unit announcement.  Mikichan told that they are seem like mutually enhance each others, and felt like they had a junior unit. Meanwhile, Mio affirmed that they are the rivals by telling that Akimoto-sensei has ephasized this official rivalry in the backstage. So, probably there’s a feeling of “don’t want to lose” and they might felt awkward too because of this rivalry. But Nagichan with her mature mind argued that both units to get the attention and have a good jod have a good effect that make them work even harder for making the greater group. Of course the first time they heard this announcement, there were uneasy thoughts about  tentoumu chu! weakness and started questioning themselves if they were not good. Even so, because there is Dendenmu chu! , there must be another plan for Tentoumu chu! to work together which we haven’t know yet up until now.