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Translation of an interesting excerpt from TVBS周刊, 5th June 2014 - Page 51

-An Enclusive-

A staff in close contact with Kim Soo Hyun reveals a secret

Soo Hyun: I’m still young, I don’t need plastic surgery

With the broadcast of ‘My Love From Another Star’ since the end of February, Kim Soo Hyun’s charm swept across the whole of Asia and there were continuous endorsements and fan meetings in various regions. Our magazine had an exclusive interview with a staff who had close contact with him for 12 hours and he emphasized that in person, Kim Soo Hyun’s personality is very lively and cheerful. He’s very curious towards everything and also loves to eat. He’s got a great interest in food. What’s interesting is that this dear staff isn’t Kim Soo Hyun’s fan. He also watched only a short portion of 'My Love From Another Star’ and hence, he doesn’t feel any pressure facing Kim Soo Hyun. To one’s surprise, he even personally asked Kim Soo Hyun a 「forbidden question」, “I heard that all Korean stars have undergone plastic surgery before, did you have any done?”. And it was evident that Kim Soo Hyun didn’t expect anyone would ask such a question, he laughed and replied, “Not all Koreans stars have had plastic surgery and I’m still young, I don’t need plastic surgery, I’ve never had any done too.”

Comparing Kim Soo Hyun’s elementary school photos to his current ones, except for his hairstyles, he looks exactly the same. Therefore, regarding those groundless rumors on the internet accusing him of having plastic surgery done before, readers can make sensible judgements for themselves.

Pic of excerpt shared by: 黄怡敏 on Kim Soo Hyun 1st Taiwan Fans CluB Facebook page