Brother’s Keeper vs. Back-then-dramas

There’s so many things (for me) to like about this drama, just so many. Firstly they covered the time since the 90s, which is the time I started watching TVB so I can relate to the period so well. It was the time I enjoyed TVB dramas the most. Seeing Tin Sang in the police station and stuff I went to dig out Detective Investigation Files, Untraceable Evidence, you-name-it-police-dramas to watch, omg so much feels. Back then there were simply so many police dramas that I can’t even remember what I’ve watched, and all were good quality ones, well at least I enjoyed them as a kid. 

And because of Tin Sang I went back to re-watch other Ruco related dramas, like The Other Truth, Every Move You Make, Only You omgggg FEELS. This guy, his eyes, omg, just look at his eyes when he acts. Ruco’s looks already makes him charming enough, when he uses his eyes to convey his feelings, O.M.G *___* While I’m at it, WHERE IS MY RUSE OF ENGAGEMENT, TVB!!!! When are you gonna give me ATF!Ruco?? D:<

Episode 08 of Brother’s Keeper is just, really brings back the 90s feel. That same old telephone booth scene, the rain and everything HAHA. It’s a typical 90s drama scene right? I will probably be very sad when Tin Sang goes on the wrong path, but really can’t wait for the story to continue in 2013 after Episode will continue in 2013 right? Please please please give Tin Sang a good ending ):

Really like this drama a lot cause it covers a lot of the big things that happened in Hong Kong~ Hope this drama doesn’t disappoint till the end!!! In the meantime I shall continue re-watching old TVB dramas :)


Sniper Standoff | SDU

I don’t think a good SDU needs stimulation, and there isn’t always second chances? And why is she so affected by her environment? Maybe when it’s raining and you coincidentally look up to the sky to double confirm it’s raining, and the criminal escapes? Oops being kinda mean. And she’s so eager to prove her ability and all. Yeah I know it’s just the beginning and that one scene. The SDU is definitely a unit that needs teamwork, other than her accuracy, seems like her other abilities fall short…sigh.

It’s not only the character, Eliza too. SIGH. I don’t know, she’s like trying to say her lines/ Cantonese well, but she makes some unnecessary emphasis on some words? Is it just me =/

ANYWAY, let us all appreciate the SDU eye candies especially Nathan *_______*