Favorite Male Character 2012: Kenneth Ma
I don’t know when did everyone feel that after getting this award, there won’t be any chance at Best Actor started, so it seems like no one wants to get this award.  But I can tell you if no one wants this award, I don’t mind getting this award every single year.  I need thank you On Call’s producer, Poon Ka Tak; thank you scriptwriters for writing such a great script; thank you PAs, directors, stylists, the two doctors that helped us film, the media, TVB, Tommy, Ms. Lok, my manager, and everybody.  Thank you!

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He’s so cute when he’s nervous and his voice trembles :3 Look at how happy he is! All smiles :D He is most deserving of this award. Linda Chung was one of the many thousand others who fell in love with his character! Like Kate, he has gain a lot of new fans because of his portrayal of the handsome doctor.  He is officially my number one tvb male bias!  With looks aside, he did a great job acting wise.  I love the chemistry between him and Tavia and I’m super excited to see the sequel.  While I felt that last year’s Ghetto Justice with Law Ba and Wong Sze Fu as just hype, I don’t feel the same way about Yat Kin and Zhi Yu.  I really hope the sequel will live up to expectations and their relationship/portrayal would be even better!
Congrats to our 男神 & 筍盤♥ 


Favorite Female Character 2012: Kate Tsui
Thank you 嘉穎 and杏兒 for presenting this award to me.  I’m so useless; sorry for tearing up.  The words “most favorite” to me has been very distant because since becoming an artiste, I’ve always feel like no one likes me; so I never thought people would like me.  I’m very thankful for the three/four thousand TVB workers that voted for me.  Oh right, when I passed by audio at first, they said that I have to thank them because the whole department voted for me.  I want to thank you Ms. Lok.  I don’t know how to say it, but I know you’ve helped me through a lot.  Thank you Tommy, 珍姐, my manager, my parents, my fans… I’m scared I won’t have another chance to say it.  Thank you so much.

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The emotional speeches are always the best.  I teared up here as well.
Guilty as charged.  Honestly, I didn’t start “liking” her until last year.  I think her role in Moonlight Resonance and The Beauty of the Game ruined it for me because she had such bratty annoying roles.  Also, her face “looks” like the mean-girl-I’m-better-than-you type, and having not seen any interviews or articles that showcases her real life personality, I just assumed she was just like Ka-Mei from MR. 
Her role as Pat was definitely one of my favorite female roles this year.  It was truly a stand out role.  I’m very glad that even though she portrayed the controversial “drug queen”, she gained a lot of new fans and the audience’s acceptance.  While I am pretty sure she’s kinda upset for not winning Best Actress, I know she’s super thankful and happy for all the support, old and new, from her fans.  Keeping doing what you do Kate; keep up the good work.  Best Actress is just around the corner for years to come :)  


Most Improved Actress 2012: Mandy Wong
Thank you Nelson Cheung (L’Escargot producer) because he and the scriptwriters gave me a very great role, 關二嫂, allowing the audience to see the new Mandy Wong; that besides 鵪鶉妹 (quiet girl in Suspects in Love), she is capable of doing other roles.
…I will continue to do my best! 

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First of all, congratulations again to Mandy Wong!
It was a no-brainer that she was going to win this year.  There is no better contender in the Top 5 other than her.  I see a lot of potential in her; it’s only a matter of years until she is TVB’s top fadan.  She did an excellent job as 關二嫂   Even her character annoyed the hell out of me, it was one of my favorites as well.  Hope to see her in more promising roles in the future! 


Most Improved Actor 2012: Oscar Leung
…And I have to thank a really good friend that’s been supporting me for 10 years, Tina.  I will continue to do my best!

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Can you guys believe he’s 33 and been in the industry for 10+ years?
The earliest drama I remember him from is Gun Metal Gray, but he didn’t really stand out to me there.  It wasn’t until Wax and Wane that I noticed him; I thought he was super adorable with Toby Leung.  I was really excited when I learned that he has a role in L’Escargot, considering my other favorites (Michael Miu, Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Him Law, etc) were in it.  His performance did not disappoint.  I am so glad he and Mandy Wong are able to get Most Improved together in both Malaysia and Hong Kong.  One of my favorite duo/couples! (I ship them together more than with Him)  The baby face works to his advantage.  Kinda reminds of Chilam, and surprisingly, they’re pretty good friends! Actually, I’m really surprised he’s good friends with a lot of other actors like 3gor/3so.  My all time favorite role of his has to be 莊卓源 from Tiger Cubs.  Such charisma on and off screen!  I still think he should be nominated for Favorite Male Character.  Oh well, he has a bunch of chances coming up.  Another actor with a lot of potential; he deserves it!

*He should’ve just said “girlfriend” instead of good friend since everyone knows already!
*I can see the trophy’s reflection on his face?! O_O 


Best Supporting Actress 2012: Nancy Wu
…I’m really glad I’m able to pass the third round! (astro, asian, tvb)

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Not my first pick, but second.  Although I prefer Elena Kong, Nancy still very much deserves this award.  The very first role that stood out to me was CoCo in Triumph in the Skies.  In recent years, she’s been giving a very solid performance in every drama.  She’s not on my “favorites” list, but great actress nonetheless.

I didn’t think it was a good idea that the top 2 has to announce who’s the winner.
It really sucks for the one who doesn’t get it.  I’m sure Mandy knew she wasn’t gonna get it since she got Most Improved and she’s really good friends with Nancy, so it wasn’t that bad.  But for BSA…


Best Actor 2012: Wayne Lai
Thank you Deanie姐 for presenting this award to me.  Having such a talented actress presenting it to me means so much more.  Thank you to all the audience that voted for me.  Thank you to all the The Confidant workers, especially producer Marco Law, our script writer Kwan Chung Ling, all the other film crew, and our Eunuch Five Tigers (Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Power Chan, Raymond Wong) and other great actors like Michelle Yim.  I’m really happy because I feel that I am very lucky.  For many years, I thought I would never have the chances to even walk across this stage.  I’ve came back to TVB for ~10 years already.  How many 10 years are in a lifetime?  Coming back to TVB for these 10 years, I really want to thank 珍姐   It is her that helped me step-by-step to come up to this stage.  I want to thank TVB because it is where my acting started.  TVB gave me life experiences, growth, glory… and I hope to share it with the three most important people in my life—my mother, my wife, and my son.  Thank you everybody.  And once again, thank you to all the audience for voting.  Thank you.

Huge shocker!
Like I said earlier, he’s a super talented actor, but I thought the race was between Kenneth and Raymond.  Never knew his fan-base was so huge!  Kenneth’s right about all those “hidden” fans.  Although his Li Lianying role isn’t my favorite, he portrayed the role (as always) very well.  I’m still kinda bummed that Raymond didn’t get it though—he didn’t get anything :( But congrats to Wayne being the second actor to be a 3X TVB King!  Which reminds me… I really miss Gallen Lo (the other three time TVB king); he will always be THE TVB king to me.


Best Supporting Actor: Koo Ming Wah
…thank you so much to DID’s producer, Poon Ka Tak.  If it wasn’t for him, Koo Ming Wah wouldn’t be able to work in TVB for a long time.  If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to get this award because he took me out from the voice over department and gave me this role. 
…lastly, I need to thank all my fans for supporting me.  When I already gave up on myself, but all these years, they haven’t given up on me…

Personal thoughts: [#tvb45thoughts]
This was such a close battle between him and Power Chan.
Like I mentioned earlier, it sucks how TVB have the person with the second highest votes announcing and handing the award to the winner.  It’s so sad!  Personally, I liked Power’s portrayal of Pang Sam Shun more than Koo Lo’s portrayal of So Gay.  The reason why I ended up rooting for him though is because he had a really difficult acting career and because I didn’t think he was capable of a role like So Gay.  He’s been typecast mostly as a criminal, thug, irresponsible father—all things “bad”, so him doing exceptionally well as “So Gay” was amazing.  Since he’s typecast mostly as a “bad” guy, his roles are limited, probably only appearing for a few episodes in each drama.  I’m really glad he finally has some legit recognition for his hard work and talent.  I hope he would continue to bring more the table and be recognize by the audience as Koo Ming Wah rather than So Gay.