tvb anniversary awards


Deanie’s description of the 5 nominees

“Mr Damian Lau, Do Do Jeh and i collaborated in a production before. I think he did well in the show, But of course, Do do Jeh did the best!”

“Mr Wayne Lai, I’ve collaborated with him for once! I was already thinking you were good when you first entered the industry!”

“Mr Moses Chan, I’ve seen a lot of gossips online recently, Am i right? Next time don’t bring your phone with you when you go work.”

“Next, Mr Raymond Lam. Let me take a closer look, Yes you’re really handsome!”

“Lastly, Mr Kenneth Ma. Which one of you is Mr Kenneth Ma? Oh, you’re the one with the award!”


46th TVB Anniversary Awards Winners 

Best Actor - Dayo Wong (My Bounty Lady)

Best Actress - Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper) 

My Favorite Male Character - Cheung Chilam (Triumph In The Skies II) 

My Favorite Female Character - Kristal Tin (Brother’s Keeper) 

tvb anniversary awards 2014

congrats to all the winners!

these are the winners of each category:

best actor: roger kwok (郭晋安)
best actress: charmaine sheh (佘詩曼)
best drama: line walker (使徒行者)
best supporting actor: ram chiang (蔣志光)
best supporting actress: josie ho (何超儀)
favourite male character: benz hui (許紹雄) ; foon hei gor (歡喜哥)
my favourite female character: charmaine sheh (佘詩曼) ; ding siu-ka (丁小嘉)
most improved actor: louis cheung (張繼聰)
most improved actress: priscilla wong (黃翠如)
best informative programme: guardians of life 2 (守護生命的故事2)
best variety show: walk the walk, talk the talk (Sunday扮嘢王)
best host: wong cho lam (王祖藍), nancy sit (薛家燕) ; walk the walk, talk the talk (Sunday扮嘢王)
best special programme: a time of love (愛情來的時候)
best theme song: love is not easy (越難越愛) ; jinny ng (吳若希)

mostly line walker won! i'm happy (・ᴗ・)
TVB Anniversary Awards 2012 Thoughts

yay for Tavia winning BA!! she deserves it, she really does. :) i’m happy for her. and though i’ve been wishing the entire time that Fungyi would win Best Actor/Actress together, i think Wayne is quite deserving of it….even if he has won three times and should let others have the opportunity.

but the two most surprising factors of the night were the fact that Raymond left empty handed…i thought TVB would at least give him some pork chop award as well as the fact that When Heaven Burns won Best Drama….seriously? seriously HK? why in the world would you ever vote WHB for Best Drama??? after all those complaints and it being the worst rated drama of the year….this is absolutely ridiculous…but other than that, every other person was deserving of their award. quite a first for TVB hahah. 

such as Mandy, Oscar, and Koo Ming Wah…i am SO happy for all of them!! they totally deserve the awards and it just makes me happy to see them get the recognition they deserve. :) (i’m also glad eliza and christine didn’t get any awards. =P)

TVB Awards Nominations

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It was rumored that TVB would give Ruco the “Most Improved” Award… he was not on the nomination list. So the award he would most likely get has been ruled out. : ( Not that I’m not happy that he is nominated for the other categories, I would have liked to see him go home with an award for sure, since the competition for the other categories is so intense (and TVB fixes the results anyways)! He did not technically “improve” in a sense since his acting was always at a superb level. However, how on earth did Raymond Wong walk away with it last year? He’s basically the same as Ruco but TVB favors him more (or maybe had no other award to give that year). Well at least Ruco was not degraded to the same level as the others in the category. I suppose this is a plus in a sense.

Anyways, I am happy that Ruco got the proper recognition for his role as Keith in The Other Truth, giving him a nomination in both the Favorite Male Character  and Best Actor category. Although, both of these are deserving we all know who TVB will give them to in the end *cough*. It would be a wonderful surprise if Ruco made it to the top five. 

Now with the Most Improved award out of the picture, I think Ruco will have a high chance of taking the TVB popularity award! Since his blog has been high on the charts since the airing of The Other Truth… basically he has never fallen below 5th place… and has held first for like … 4 consecutive weeks I believe ( oh but who’s counting?) (although still this is a useless award but in the TVB world awards = promotion so I rather see that)