@fingcrtip   was kissed by   stars.

   minnie approaches silver from behind,  arm hooking around her waist  loosely  as a kiss is pressed to the back of her shoulder blade.   ❛ baby, ❜   she coos as now chin rests on the girl’s shoulder,  gaze locked on the woman.   ❛ i couldn’t find you in this crowd,  where did you disappear off to?

Whenever I have an important assignment due:

  • Wow man Tumblr is just so interesting today…
  • I have 6043 funny ideas for some comics. Let’s just draw all night.
  • OR MAYBE I should start on that novel I’ve been planning for the past 4 years.
  • Woah, wait a minute, now I’m suddenly pumped to start exercising and eating healthy. #30daychallenge #fitblr #thighgap
  • I guess my room could be cleaner. I’m gonna clean my room. That’s productive. Clean space, clean mind!
  • Speaking of my room, what about some cool DIY projects… I can be crafty. Probably. Hey Pinterest, haaayyy.
  • I’ve always been curious about Feng Shui. What’s that all about? Google: Feng Shui.
  • Oh shoot, I never finished watching the last 15 minutes of that one episode of that one show that one time!! Gotta find out who got sent home.
  • Feeling nostalgic. Let’s message everyone in my phonebook and see what they’re up to lately.
  • I’m hungry. Didn’t I just eat? Ehhhhh… Study calories don’t count.
  • Maybe just a fiiiiiive minute nap…
  • Boobs are so weird though. What’s up with boobs.
  • It’s that time again!! Time to be swept under a tidal wave of guilt and regret for procrastinating so long. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a moment of silence for my future.
  • Okay okay. Enough dramatics. I’m ready now. *types name and date at the top of the page* WHOOO look at that word count suckers!! #unstoppable

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1) The Captain -Biffy Clyro
2) Get Up -Bingo Players
3) Burn Bright -My Chemical Romance
4) Bubbles -Biffy Clyro
5) Bleed it out -Linkin Park
6) Something in your mouth -Nickleback
7) Flower Power -Girls Generation
8) Mark the graves -Linkin Park
9) 100 suns -30 seconds to Mars
10) Safe and sound -Capital Cities
11) Nobody to love -Sigma
12) Keys to the kingdom -Linkin Park
13) The best part (interlude) -Meghan Trainor
14) Here we go -Hard rock sofa & swanky tunes
15) End of all days -30 seconds to Mars
16) Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off -Panic! at the disco
17) Wasted -Tiësto
18) Whorses -Biffy Clyro
19) Close your eyes -Meghan Trainor
20) Blank space -Taylor Swift

Tahdah! Unfortunately none of my transformers music came up but oh well.
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A Cheesy Date // @webheadedhero

Why had she agreed to this again? She had not gone a legit date in… well, it had been a while, hadn’t it? Better not to think about it, it would just lead to headaches. And, Carol would rather not to be plagued by headaches tonight. That would be the best. And, considering it was just a pizza place, she wasn’t that dressed up either. Besides, he had seen her just what? Three hours ago? So, did it really matter? Regardless, she pulled her Air Force t-shirt down over her jeans and found a booth to sit in once she realized Mister Parker wasn’t here yet. 

Eh, she didn’t mind waiting.

          ‘Why does this school not make a fuss over fantastic female athletes? I didn’t realize we were still in the goddamn dark ages…’ Leanne muttered. 

          Her daughter’s win in the past weekend’s track meet in more than one category didn’t get so much as a congratulations tweet from the school. She was normally used to this kind of business, but today she was intolerant. She felt sorry for the person who tried to argue with her.


Moving was an experience she was relearning with gritted teeth. The battle was over, and had been over for days, and this was the first time she actually dared to get up. Even then, as far as the Elf got was sitting up. And the pain that shot through her from her stomach and side was enough to make the room spin.

Hearing the tent open, dark eyes raised and she was momentarily surprised. “Bard–What are you doing here? Aren’t there…ah, other matters to attend to?” At least her glamour was back. But, the thought that it had faded after she was hurt was terrifying. The thought that he had seen the scars was even more terrifying. “Is… everything alright?”

Well, this place was huge. Not a far cry from the mansion Stark had for the Avengers, but, it was still impressive. Especially when she thought back to where she grew up. Blue eyes took in the entire facade of the manor before she realized she was supposed to be knocking–or something. But, Carol couldn’t help it, honestly. It was her instinct to scope out her surroundings. She hated surprises… and those usually ended up being harmful to her. Pushing a piece of blonde hair back into its place, she stepped up to the door and pushed what she could only assume was a doorbell. Now to wait.

And hope that she didn’t make an entire fool of herself.

Improvised Tumblr Christmas Song;

Deck the halls with lots of booty, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Tis the season to be creepy, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Don we now our gay avengers, 
Fa la la, la la la, la la la. 
Troll in the fucking dungeon, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

See the blazing New York before us, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Strike the harp and Fluffy’s sleeping. 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Follow me in Hobbit measure, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
While I tell of- MY PRECIOUS
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Fast away the old `Who wakens, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Hail the new, look at the TARDIS, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 

Sing we joyous, all so lonely, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la. 
Really shit wind and weather, 
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

A Sign From the Gods // sidusnatura

He had never been patient. Anyone who knew the Aesir could tell that. Hot-headed and firm, he was the first to rush into a situation without much thought. Granted, that is what landed him in this position. And how he hated it. Hated. Despised. Abhorred. Oh there were plenty of words to describe how he felt about being trapped on this realm with no chance of going home. Nay, not until he learned his lesson apparently. And it was not as if he was not under watch. He had seen the ravens. Always keeping a watchful eye, are you not, Father? More than once he had almost thrown rocks at the blasted things, but stayed his hand. That would only earn him more time here upon Midgard. If he wanted to return to Asgard, he had to act as if he was learning something.

That something seemed to be a slow growing anger.

Anger that he knew was displaced, wrong, but he could not help but feel abandoned. Even if those abhorrent birds were following him at his father’s request. What did Odin want of him? Change? Thor laughed at the thought, shifting to reach deeper into the car’s open engine to find the tube he was looking for, ignoring the now familiar feeling of grease dirtying his skin. How could he change if he knew not what was to be changed? What had he done wrong? He only sought to protect his realm as any king would. His father was too blinded by age to see the truth. If the Jotunns could infiltrate once, they could again! And what chance would Asgard have with him gone, deserted upon Midgard?

Pride told him none, experience told him he was being foolish.

Growling, he just shoved the tube aside and tuned into the sounds of talking coming from across the garage. Curious, he grabbed an already stained blue rag and started to scrub at the almost glue like substance that came with these modes of transportation. He couldn’t deny that they were not interesting.

“Ey! Leo, c'mere! Seems like the government’s got proof of aliens.”

“Shut up, Greg. It’s a meteor.”

“They said it was a <i>satellite</i> and listen t'em talk! That ain’t no normal thing, okay? You just shut your mouth and listen, Aaron.”

With a soft chuckle, he shook his head before walking over to the group of men he had come to call… well, slightly friends. They were friendly. Regardless, he slid into the group to listen to the reports.

“…has it that the satellite seems to have an unusual shape, and witnesses say that there was a mysterious symbol surrounding it. Most akin to a crop circle, except in the dirt. Could it be alien? Or is this another trick by the Government? And even stranger, reports are filing in that it seems to look like a hammer of sorts. What do you think, Brad? Could it be…”

He couldn’t help the grin. A hammer, huh? Well, it would seem that his luck was turning around. Except, the hammer fell somewhere in… New… New something that was not the city he was in, apparently. And without help? Thor had no hope of getting anywhere.