They were quoting Henry V, and learning how to speak Russian with google translate. They started shipping a detective with a frog, suddenly everyone was posting about Clue, and they were convinced a pre-screened episode was fake. All in the span of 48 hours, they became madness incarnate, the void itself, and damned if it wasn’t the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen.
—  Me, in the distant future, explaining the Sherlock fandom to my children.

Can we talk about how this Radio Times article, literally just posted yesterday, mysteriously doesn’t exist anymore?

Update: Guys, yes, I realize the article does still exist, a very kind blog let me know when I’d posted it. However, the link from Google to RT is broken so when I’d opened it last night it gave me this. Coincidence or not its odd.
  • Them: it's groundbreaking, it's life changing, if we can pull this off, it'll make history, it's never been done before
  • "TFP": one (1) room, reused score, 3749 holmes siblings low budget shitty student film (here's a link to the leak please don't watch it though we're just making sure everyone knows about it and how to get to it)