• John HLV: My wife is an assassin she shot my best friend I hate her how have I been played like this I don't deserve this what are the sins I'm paying for
  • John TLD: Mary taught me how to be the man she thought I was
  • Sherlock: But you are good and bra-
  • John: Stop
  • Sherlock: You've always been loy-
  • John: No further
  • Sherlock: You have saved me befo-
  • John: LA LA LA
  • Sherlock: Please listen, there was a time you'd do everything for those you-
  • John: she taught me everything in life

Pairing : Sherlock Holmes x Reader

Summary : Imagine helping Sherlock relax when’s he gets frustrated when working a case.

If there was one thing that could irritate Sherlock it was when he hit a dead end on a case. It didn’t happen often and Sherlock hated when it happened. He often blamed you for distracting him by making him eat dinner and bringing him tea, but you knew he was annoyed with himself so you didn’t take it personally.

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Sherlock is speaking at a panel, a sort of fan/deductive-reasoning-education thing that John reluctantly helped arrange. At least half of the questions have something to do with asking who Molly is and what their relationship is. After trying to change the subject, by the eighth question, he interrupts: “Yes, this is Molly Hooper, and yes I am in love with her. Can we move onto some more relevant questions now?”