shadowhunters medieval au

Clary Fray is the lost princess from a kingdom run by the vicious King Valentine. Her guardian Luke owns the pub in town, where she works with her friends Simon, Maia, and Maureen, when she discovers that her memories have been hidden from her, and her mother Jocelyn is actually under a sleeping curse and being held hostage by Valentine. On her quest to rescue her mother, she enlists the help of her friends, and run into others along the way. Some including: a warlock, an archer, a knight in shining armor, and a princess who takes her breath away.

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there is a fic that goes along with this, if you want to read it!


I wish I knew what it felt like to be complimented on my smile by the king of smiles. 

Bonus! I wish I knew what it was like to have the Matthew Daddario sign my case by accident.

Bonus on top of the bonus! I wish I knew what it was like to hear Matt cursing in the flesh.

What a life that fan is living let me tell you that.

let’s talk about maryse in this scene: 

look at how she looks between magnus and max. she’s obviously using this interaction to judge magnus, but i think it’s in a different way. maryse has only ever seen magnus in a professional kind of context, never in a personal one. i think she understands that magnus is here to stay - which was alec’s goal - and now she wants to assess magnus in this new light. of course her shadowhunter prejudices are all there, but this is primarily a mother trying to get to know who is this person entering their lives. 

and then there’s this look: 

she sees the smile on alec’s face and i can see something changing in her. there’s toughness and also softness in her eyes. she can see that her son is actually happy, and that the man he is falling in love/is in love/loves is sweet and kind. and there is a ghost of a smile on her face as well. it obviously doesn’t solve all the problems, but maybe it’s a start? 

honestly i praise nicola for her acting, it’s so subtle and yet so deep. i hope there’s a chance for a redeeming arc for maryse.