dear s, 

you expressed fear that you’d burned a bridge with me by returning to her for that short while. let me be the first to press my lips to yours and tell you that this bridge is made of stone. it cannot, will not burn. my heart is open. if you want me back in your life, i will be. 

- k


i made a bjork video

Dear S,

It’s been nearly two years since we were together. We were both a little broken and wanted somebody to fix us, so we tried to fix each other.

The relationship world wasn’t so nice to us and we quickly fell deep into a close bond each other. Even though there was a clear love so strong there, I lay in bed every day lifeless. You did the same. Being separated by the sea and a ridiculous amount of miles didn’t play too well for us.

Most people can’t deal with being apart for a week, but we had never even met, and the fact was that we craved to be with each other physically, but it wasn’t possible.

I didn’t mean to, but I tore you apart even more than before, and tore myself apart too in the process. I lost your love and friendship for at least 6 months.

I’m glad we’re good friends again, I’m glad we talk and still plan on meeting, but part of me always craves you, no matter who I date.

Maybe some day, but for now it seems it will never work out. I think I still love you though, and I’m not sure what to do.



we all know that tina fey is garbage but I’m rewatching mean girls and it just hit me how often her racism is aimed at east asians like the “asian nerds/cool asians” and the two girls who the coach targeted, and it reminds me of in sisters with the ladies at the nail salon and then the party, and THEN kimmy schmidt and dong’s whole character aaaaand like damn tina don’t the same tired racist tropes get boring to write lmfao shows how creative you really are if you have to rely on glaring stereotypes in so many of your most popular works