I’ve been watching Avatar The Last Airbender again and noticed this parallel. This is Aang after saving the people at the Northern Air Temple and Korra talking to Tenzin at the Northern Air Temple. Both of them literally just got complimented for being skilled, understanding Avatars. 

Credit to @korra-warriorprincess for the pic of Korra.


Hey guys! So this is a first time for me, but I am opening up commissions for fics with a word count of under 1000 to 1000+. After looking at my bank account and what I have to pay for this year, we (my bank account and myself) decided that I needed another source of income besides working at my job. For the time being, I am opening up commissions for fics ranging from under 1000 words to 1000+ words, starting at a price of 3$ for under 1000 words, to 5$ for 1000+.


It is entirely up to you! You send me the prompt you want written and I will take care of the rest!


I have expereince writing for Dragon Age, Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra, Overwatch, Voltron, The Force Awakens, so those are the fandoms I am most comfortable writing. But don’t be shy! If there is one not on the list, please ask me about it and who knows?


I would rather stay away from smut and all that jazz. I’ve written it before but I’m just not confident enough with it.


I’m down for anything my friend.


Examples of my work can be found here.  Under 1000 word fics would look something like the WTNV piece on the bottom, where 1000+ ones would look like the pieces closer to the top.


I am going to start with 5 spots for commissions, and see how that goes.

So, I think that is everything!  If you’re interested, please pm here at Dashboardjuliet, or email me at  Thanks so much!