Kings (2009)

Monarchs. Treachery. Intrigue. Deceit. Secret affairs. Shenanigans. Butterflies. And it’s not even Game of Thrones.

The Kingdom of Gilboa (It’s just coincidence that the capital looks like New York City, it’s not the USA, honest!)is at war with its neighbour to the north, Gath. Farm boy David Shepherd (Christopher Egan) is on the front line and in a moment of heroics/stupidity crosses No Man’s Land to rescue Gilboan prisoners being held there. He manages to blow up a Gath tank in the process. A Goliath tank.

David and Goliath. Sound familiar? If you know your stories from the Christian Bible, you should, as Kings is loosely based on (part of) the story of King David from the Old Testament, but in better clothes. Oh those uniforms… there’s certainly something to be said for putting Sebastian Stan in a military uniform. Needs to happen more often.

(some slightly spoilery bits)

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