Lindsay talks to RG Magazine in Brazil

Lindsay opens up to RG Magazine about fashion and future plans.

By Rosana Rodini

RG Magazine: Brought you this playboy from your fans, they’re begging for you to see them outside. They say they love you since you lighten up your fist cigarette.
LL: I’ll autograph it, can you give to them? And for the record, I’ve only smoked my first cigarette at 19. But I can’t stop for them (the fans). I arrived today and still have a party to go. This is my first time in Brazil and, ironically, I have a lot of friends who are also in Sao Paulo because of Lollapalooza, like Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Also I want to go to the festival to see this musician, Gary Clark Jr., he’s amazing. I don’t know him personally, maybe tomorrow…
RG: You came to Brazil by invitation of a fashion brand, John John. You’re an actress, but do you see yourself as a fashion icon? Who’s your icon?
LL: I love Elizabeth Taylor, obviously. I find it amazing the way she dressed in the 70’s. White boots and shorts! People forget about it. Brigitte Bardot, always a muse. And I love Kate Moss. But if I see myself as an icon? This is a biased question. But I’ll accept as a compliment, if you mean it.
RG: Fame and exposure are something natural in your life, since you’ve been in the spotlight since you were young?
LL: Since I’ve been ten… I got used to fame. I like working, I love making films, I think it’s delightful to tell stories and I love photograph. And there’s the travels, meet new people, the experiences. But the pressure of the paparazzi is frightening. It’s like a constant photo of your life. That’s what I find unfair. I’m from New York and I went back recently because is more livable. It’s a nightmare to live in Los Angeles.
RG: You had to adapt your life to it?
LL: I’ve never done something different. The rest is just what people listened and went forward. And as they listen to…
RG: What’s your plans after leaving Brazil?
LL: Besides come back to rehab? That’s where you were trying to get? Well, after rehab I’ll promote a new film and co-produce and direct another. There’s also possibly a work with Woody Allen. But don’t ask me more because I can’t talk about it. It’s big. And a secret as well.
RG: Are you dating anyone?
LL: I wouldn’t tell you if I was. I just met you! And our time is over.
RG: We can talk more after you party…
LL: If you make me your covergirl, dear…

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Can we take a moment to just think (obsess.., fangirl even) about how perfect Oli is when he’s talking? His accent tho…omg.

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