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“The greatest joy for me, however, is the impact the show has had on a whole generation of young people who learned that, though growing up is tough at the best of times, it can be done with humour, honesty, and love.” - Edward Hermann (July 21, 1943 - December 31, 2014)

When we were casting the part of Richard on Gilmore Girls, we all sat around saying, ‘If we could only get Ed Herrmann.’ So we sent the script to his agent who said Ed will come in and meet, but he won’t read. We said fine — great. Set it up. The agent said, ‘But I need you to understand — he will not read.’ We said we get it — no reading. The agent said, ‘He’s Ed Herrmann. He’s worked with Woody Allen! He was in Reds! He will not, under any circumstances, read!’ We were like ‘Hey, if he’ll even sit down and talk to us, we’d be honored.’ So Ed came in. He sat down and said, ‘I like it. It’s funny. Should I read?’ We sat there in stunned silence as Ed opened the script and proceeded to read. And just like that, Richard Gilmore was sitting in front of us. And that’s when I knew this show was charmed… To our patriarch, I thank you. I miss you. And I could never repay you.
—  Amy Sherman-Palladino

So, my incredible best friend completely overwhelmed me on Christmas Day (which also happens to be my birthday) with a gift of books.
But not just any books.
This collection of books happen to be the books that Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano shared and/or discussed on Gilmore Girls.
I had absolutely no idea what she was up to, that she’d been collecting these for over six months, and this is pretty much the most thoughtful present I’ve ever received.
I have an absolutely amazing best friend. :)

Gilmore Girls Rory/Logan Fanfiction

For those of you who’ve finished the show on Netflix and want some more Gilmore Girls in your life!

I’ve Got Your Number Son

Set in S4. When Rory impulsively asks out a boy at the coffee kart she gets more than she bargained for.


While helping Lorelai out at the Independence Inn, Rory finds herself being chatted up by an attractive guest. What happens when that chance meeting turns into more?

The Unexpected

Rory unexpectedly runs into Logan while on Spring Break. Set in “Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist”

In Between (one shot)

Set at the Male Yale Party. A lot happened between Dean leaving and Rory stumbling out of that limo.

Party Crashers (one shot)

Rory and Lorelai crash one of Mitchum Huntzberger’s parties. Set in “Come Home”.

Payback (one shot)

Set in “But Not As Cute As Pushkin”. A Rory and Logan conversation after her and Richard’s scheme.

The Last Resort (one shot)

Set in “But Not As Cute As Pushkin”. When Rory cannot get a hold of Marty or Lorelai after Anna goes missing, she is forced to go to her last resort.