Antique Circa 1880’s San Francisco Victorian Mansion Dollhouse
Architectural Model of Family California Estate
Over 53 Glass and Iron Windows!
Electricity Added in 1930

This incredible masterpiece is a 1:12 Scale Victorian Mansion dollhouse that was designed to represent a family estate in San Francisco, California.
The original home is no longer here but this incredible family home lives on, only on a much smaller scale. This belonged to the Dean family estate. Just like the original family home, it features architectural designs and functions necessary for a large family estate. It is all wood, glass windows and iron grate gates and iron window coverings on the basement windows. Three generations of family members lovingly played and cared for this home. All three generations also were avid doll and miniature dollhouse collectors. I have sold a lot of the furnishings and accessories but there is much more to list as it was a huge collection. This house was special to so many members of the family, most of them at the estate sale cannot recall ever ‘not seeing’ it in their grandmothers home. This is an actual architectural model built to represent the Dean family estate built in the early 1880’s and given to the daughters of this family to be used as a dollhouse. It is true to the 1:12 scale.