Seiyuu Alias List

These days i was kinda pissed off because there was a lot of R18 or BLCD release annouced on Twitter and i couldn t read at all the seiyuu names or know who was hiding behind those names…

That s why i looked for their name and alias and put them on a list. The list below is NOT complete. It may evolve through the time so if you have any clue or name to add, please let me know (message, reactions, reblog…)

Seiyuu Alias List~

◆Aoshima Yaiba (青島刃) = Narita Ken
◆Asagi Yuu ( あさぎ夕) = Suzuki Yuto
◆Domon Atsushi (土門熱) = (佐藤拓也) Satou Takuya
◆Hagoromo Zanto (羽衣斬人) = Shimono Hiro
◆Haruno Kaze (春野風) = Hatano Wataru (thanks to @yildiz-blackthorne)
◆Higeuchi Waruta = Takeuchi Ryota
◆Hiiragi Santa (柊三太) = Ono Yuuki
◆Houdenteigatsu (ほうでん亭ガツ) = Morikawa Toshiyuki
◆Ichigo Miruku (いちごみるく) = Shiraishi Minoru
◆Inuno Tadasuke ( 犬野忠輔) = Yasumoto Hiroki
◆Kaiouraku (魁皇楽) = Kakihara Tetsuya
◆Kashiwagi Homare (柏木誉) = Nojima Hirofumi
◆Kurose Takaya (黒瀬鷹) = Kuroda Takaya
◆Margarine Tengu (マーガリン天狗) = Fujiwara Yuuki
◆Maximillian Nagisa (マクシミリアン渚) = Inoue Kazuhiko
◆Murakami Tatsuya (村上たつや) = Takeuchi Ken
◆Okino Yasuhiro (沖野靖広) = Takahashi Hiroki
◆Ooishi Keizou ( 大石けいぞう) = Kondo Takashi
◆Ryuusenhoudouin Zanjibaru (竜仙鳳堂院斬慈刃琉) = Kishio Daisuke
◆Sakiware Spoon (先割れスプーン) = Toriumi Kousuke (thanks to @yildiz-blackthorne)
◆Sakura Hiroshi (桜ひろし) = Maeno Tomoaki
◆Shimoda Hiroshi to Happy Turns (下田ヒロシとハッピーターンズ) = Shimowada Hiroki
◆Sugisaki Kazuya (杉崎和哉) = Taniyama Kishou
◆Sumeragi Hayato (スメラギ隼人) = Horie Kazuma
◆Sumeragi Mikado/Koutei (皇帝) = Tachibana Shinnosuke
◆Takamine Yuuga (高嶺悠賀) = Nojima Kenji (thanks to @yildiz-blackthorne)
◆Tamura Takurou (田村拓狼) = Eguchi Takuya
◆Tatsuya Hirai (平井達矢) = Hirakawa Daisuke
◆Toori Sugari (十利須我里) = Hino Satoshi
◆Wassyoi Taro (ワッショイ太郎) = Kawada Shinji
◆Yotsuya Cider (四ツ谷サイダー) = Okitsu Kazuyuki
◆Yuunagi Takashi (夕凪孝) = Kaji Yuki (thanks to @yildiz-blackthorne)

I suppose my favorite that I’ve created was Sydney Bristow, the central character from the TV series “Alias.” She was a character with a secret, and that is always a fun place to start. I love how she was sweet and romantic and looked like the girl next door, but was also lethal and brave as hell, and would do nearly everything for love of country. But she wasn’t a superhero; she was terrified at almost every step. But still, she would do the right thing. I think we would all like to believe we would behave like that when the going gets rough. Also, we had Jennifer Garner playing the role, and she elevated absolutely everything.
—  J.J. Abrams with the absolute perfect answer to the question: Who was your favorite character to create. 
Y'all Listen Up!


This is Michael Vaughn. He’s in a show called Alias


He can be a sassy little shit

 He’s also a BAMF


Smoldering good looks.


He’s very caring. He wished Sydney luck before her missions


This is him looking at the woman he loves; Sydney Bristow 



Basically I love him and every time I see him my heart smiles

Oh P.s. He is also fluent in many languages especially french :)

SYDNEY: You know any jokes? ‘Cause I could use one.
VAUGHN: This grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Hey, we have a drink named after you!” And the grasshopper says—
SYDNEY: “You have a drink named Doug?”
VAUGHN: Well, I was going to use Phil.
SYDNEY: Well, Phil is certainly no funnier than Doug.
VAUGHN: No, I know, I’m sorry. It’s a non-humorous, uh…


Teen Wolf AU (and crossover)

Blood Orphan - Preview
(based on this post)

Fresh out of basic training, Stiles finally gets to join the elite of the clandestine Black Ops Unit “Blood Orphan”.
Founded by Sydney Bristow, a rich former spy, the unit is entirely made up out of actual orphans, who were taken in as young children by Sydney and trained to become deadly spies. Now they’re taking on only the most dangerous and crucial missions that the government cannot get involved in without risking severe international repercussions.

Stiles gets assigned to a combat unit comprised of Scott, Allison, Kira, Randy, Isaac and their team leader Derek. With them he continues training and develops a friendship. Maybe even more with Derek…

But despite several brewing relationships on the team, everything romantic has to be put aside when they gets their first mission: The maniacal arms dealer Peter Hale is about to flood the US black-market with a new kind of weapon that can pierce bullet proof vests and even punch holes in armored vehicles. Peter even demonstrates his weapons’ fire-powers to his potential buyers by raging war against local law enforcement.

Supported by Chris, one of Peter’s former mercenaries, and the young Police Officer Parrish, Stiles and the others set out to take down Peter Hale. But their first mission as a team might already be more than they can handle…


UPDATE: There is now also a some promotional posters, which you can find here

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