Australian Horror Story // Michael Clifford

Summary - just a little imagine based off of AHS with Michael as Tate and the reader as Violet. Enjoy :)

Warnings - contains smoking and mentions of self-harm.


You sat cross-legged on the floor of your darkened bedroom as you took yet another drag of your cigarette. Michael sat across from you, not saying much. He just stared, his alluring green eyes on yours as you watched each other in the more than comfortable silence.

You did wonder why he suddenly appeared in your room at nearly 1 in the morning, but you didn’t care, you liked him and you liked having him around. No matter what anyone else, especially your dad, said about him.

“Give me that.” He spoke deeply, quietly, as he extended his arm towards you.

“But you don’t smoke?” You questioned, but nonetheless, you handed him the cigarette.

He took it as he smirked. “Watch me.”

He placed it between his unusually red lips and took in a long, deep drag before tilting his head back and letting the smoke flow from his lips. All the while, you just watched. The sight of him really was something different. Good different.

“See.” He smirked, looking back at you as you reached out to take the cigarette from him. But before you were able to, he stopped. His face dropped as he suddenly grabbed your arm.

“What are these?” He asked seriously, his eyes wide as they never left yours, “I thought you’d stopped?”

“I had.” You whispered, trying to avoid his gaze but he just pulled you forward slightly, looking deeper into your eyes.

“You relapsed?” He asked.

But you didn’t want to look at him, you knew that the second you did you’d start crying, your eyes filling with tears already. So you just breathed out a shaky “I’m sorry.”

“No, baby, don’t be.” He said, moving to sit next to you, his arm wrapped around your shoulder as his thumb gently traced the tender skin on your forearm. “Just promise me you’ll stop?”

“I can’t do that, Michael.” You spoke quietly, your voice coarse as you leaned your head on his shoulder.

He turned his face to look at you, his nose brushed over your cheek as his breath ghosted over your face and he was practically going cross-eyed to look at you. “Then promise me you’ll try.” He spoke softly, his lips so close to your skin that you almost thought he was gonna kiss you.

But he didn’t. He just stared at you until you answered.

“I promise.” You whispered.

Idk, part 2 maybe??

Jessica Lange & Ryan Murphy Reunite!

Ryan Murphy will produce a new stage production of ‘Long Day’s Journey into Night’ starring Jessica Lange. Ryan has stage rights to the play and approached the artistic director of the Roundabout Theater Company to revive the play with Jessica as the lead.

Lange will reprise the role of Mary Tyrone, whom she played in London back in 2000. The show will begin previews March 31, 2016, and open on April 19 at the American Airlines Theater.

This will be Jessica’s first Broadway production since 2005 when she appeared in the play ‘The Glass Menagerie.’

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