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When you fell out of love with me, I left the door unlocked and the lights on incase you decided to come home.
2 years later and I realized you were my home.
If I could have had you sleeping in my bed every night i would have been happy the rest of my life.
 I told you the view was perfect but i was looking at you. 
The sky tried to steal my heart the day you left but i said it belonged to you.
Your words made a home in my veins and it’s a shame you decided to leave cause they’re forever engraved in the chambers of my heart.
you shouldn’t have slammed the door so hard when you left and if I could I’d take you back to when we first met just to show you the chaos you caused in my mind and maybe it’s all for nothing now, how you said “I think this is for the best” I asked you to “Please stay” and you slammed the door on my heart.
—  For the record, i love you