I want a dramatic callback to “we already love you”

but I want it in a flashback

I want Rose Quartz and Pearl (especially Pearl, as arguably the most “traditional” of the crystal gems) to say it

Garnet’s appeared in battles before but that was because they needed her, it didn’t necessarily imply that they wanted her or respected her

And Garnet explaining this is who she wants to be and she hopes the others will understand


anonymous asked:

anti CSers have become so unoriginal it's tiresome. There should be a drinking game for all the cliche bs haters throw at us: 1 shot if they say Emma was never interested in Hook. Another if CS is called "rushed", "forced" or "ooc". A shot if Hook is called a "rapist", this becomes a double if the OP is either a Regina or Neal stan. Doubles if they make any comment about us all being a bunch of teenagers. Triple shots if someone makes a sexist comment about Emma whilst calling CS sexist.

Ha. Well that would make for a rather short drinking game considering how often they repeat those same things over and over again. I really don’t want to anyone to die from alcohol poisoning…

But why is Shaw always angry in fics? If she’s not snarling, she’s growling, glaring, or huffing. 

I mean, yeah she’s like that but canon!Shaw isn’t ALWAYS like that unless provoked Sameen Shaw is chill or snarky or vastly amused at Fusco’s predicament or John’s.

Shaw’s calm in the face of danger and her voice gets even calmer the deadlier a situation becomes or if not calm, amused. 

There are a lot of things Shaw can be other than angry and annoyed. 

I spent a lotta time not being comfortable making sonas for things i liked bc i was afraid of being shit on for ‘self insert'bs or whatever, but tbh theyre really comforting for me because I have very little sense of self and they help kinda??? ground me down a little and figure out myself as a person and that.. i am me and all that good old Crazy Person Feeling™