let the dark in :: a white christmas fanmix
“ we’ll find out later that the monster was already with us. we’d let the door open for the monster to enter. [hide so I can’t find you.]”

i. devil town  daniel johnston :: all my friends were vampires / didn’t know i was a vampire myself in the devil town 
ii. where i end and you begin  radiohead :: there’ll be no more lies / i will eat you alive
iii. rebellion (lies)  arcade fire ::  here’s the moon, it’s alright! (lies, lies!) / scare your son and scare your daughter
iv. interrupted  the twilight sad :: you and i will bury them, bury them / you and i will bury them so deep in the snow
v. we are not good people  bloc party :: think fast boy, think on on your feet / you’re so young to be so heavy
vi. i’m not done  fever ray :: do you laugh while screaming? is it cold outside? / we set fire in the snow / it ain’t over, i’m not done
vii. oblivion  patrick wolf :: this is the challenge; i dare you to take a hold of that darkness from deep down within you (it’s dark) / what are you so afraid of? 
viii. take your medicine  cloud cult :: look at all those skeletons running from the closet / get them in the light
ix. the wrestle  frightened rabbit ::  my enemy, please stay close to me / bare those teeth to me please, man-eater
x. let your good heart lead you home  editors :: you let the dark in somehow / once you’ve gone you can’t come back/ i am worried about you
xi. returning  black rebel motorcycle club :: a part of you is ending, a part of you holds on / i will follow you till we all return, till we know our souls survived
xii. ofbirta   sigur rós :: [inst.]
xiii. teardrop (massive attack cover)   josé gonzález 

youholdthewater asked:

i noticed you've been collecting white christmas playlists on 8tracks so i thought i'd drop this here for u! i'm like four years too late but i finished the show this week and i don't know what to DO with myself god. on my tumblr: post/123024730361/let-the-dark-in-a-white-christmas-fanmix

First of all, welcome to the circle of woe! (if you go through my White Christmas tag, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to connect with every other person who’s also still on edge about this show, there are like… six, maybe six and a half of us)

Second of all, thanks for linking! I am always here for new playlists, it’s great to have a new one to add to the list.

Third of all… hey, what did you think of the show? Share your thoughts! Fav characters? Who would you drown, if you really had to drown someone? Are monsters born or created?