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There are literally no lesbians in orphan black

Yes, this is true. I’m actually glad you acknowledge this, because sometimes people mislabel Cosima and Delphine as “lesbians” even though they are canon bisexual characters.

In fact, the “L” part of “LGBT” is—technically—the only thing not represented in Orphan Black.

G: Felix, an openly gay male

B: Cosima (who the creators confirmed is bisexual, despite the fact that we haven’t seen her in a relationship with a man yet) and Delphine (who self-identifies as bisexual).

T: Tony, who transitioned from female to male.

So, for all practical intents and purposes, lesbianism is not represented in Orphan Black.

However, there are two women who are in a canon relationship on the show…this is undeniable. It is mislabeling to call Cophine a “lesbian couple” because of their bisexuality, but they are a couple regardless.

Also: I was in no way saying in my original post (about the forthcoming Lesbian Domination in Spring 2015) that Orphan Black has lesbians in it. I know it doesn’t have lesbians in it. It does, however, have LGBT representation, which makes it appealing to members of the LGBT community. 

I was also in no way saying that Orphan Black is solely a “lesbian show.” There are plenty of straight people who enjoy Orphan Black…and Orange is the New Black…and Carmilla…and Faking It…and every other show that demonstrates some form of queer representation. Everyone should enjoy Orphan Black, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, etc. It’s just a damn good show.

Like, there’s literally so many good reasons to like it:

  • Excellent writing
  • Excellent plot
  • Excellent acting
  • Manages to be funny, serious, heartbreaking, and everything else all at the same time

Oh, and also:

  • Tatiana Maslany is a goddess
  • Evelyne Brochu is a goddess
  • Tatiana and Evelyne portray a canon girl/girl couple, which should be a big deal for everyone (including—but not limited to—lesbians)

So, in conclusion, even though Orphan Black has “literally no lesbians” it is undeniable that a significant part of the Clone Club is part of/supports the LGBT community. All I’m saying is that nearly every lesbian I follow on tumblr likes OB…take that as you will.

I will reblog Cophine gifsets until the day I die, I don’t care if they’re not lesbians.