If you ever find yourself wondering, “Why does Finn like/love Rae?” Well, here is what I believe to be the number one reason. She makes him smile and laugh like not many others can.  I think he sees Rae as someone who along with her loud personality and witty jokes; as a person who is loving and caring. He likes her for who she is. Also, I’m almost pretty sure he likes what he sees, too.

Top 10 Moments: Rae and Finn Series 1

10.) When Finn tells Rae to stop staring at him because it freaks him out

9.) When they’re in the cupboard during a game of spin the bottle

8.) When Rae fantasises that Finn is a knight in shining armour

7.) When he comes to Rae’s rescue for real against the bullies

6.) When Finn gives Rae a topless hug and she says she’ll never wash her hand again. 

5.)  When they make up their own special way of communicating with each other

4.) When they’re on Finn’s bike heading to the rave

3.) When Space Man by Babylon Zoo sort of becomes ‘their song’

2.) When they’re lying together talking at the end of the sleepover

1.) When Finn writes on Rae’s back at the end of Episode 6

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