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So recently I’m sure some of you were asked to reset your tumblr password like I was. Unfortunately at this stage I am not able to access the old email account I signed up to Tumblr with.

I know I’m not the only person with this issue and sadly Tumblr aren’t much help with recovering access in regards to not being able to get into your email account.

I’m battling away with Microsoft to try regain my account so stay tuned, I also still have mashstash through the Tumblr app but just in case that signs out at some stage here is my new, hopefully temporary account!

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Perhaps some viewers would still have stuck it out with Reign if the writers hadn’t burned every single bridge. 

Did you like Frary? Too bad, they randomly cheated on each other and now he’s dead and Mary’s moved on in a millisecond.

Did you like Mash? Too bad, that ship left a looooong time ago.

Did you like Lorlisse? Too bad, the writers kept having him cheat on Lola.

Did you like Catisse? Too bad, the two kept fighting and betraying each other.

Did you like Leith? Too bad, she’s married and is now suddenly with a pirate that no one really cares about.

Did you like Greer and Castleroy together? Too bad, I guess they’re separated…that storyline was never quite finished was it.

Did you like Kennash? Too bad, she cheated and left.

Did you like Lola and Julien? Too bad, I guess he’s dead.

Did you like Nostradamus and Olivia? Too bad, we never found out what happened there. 

Did you like Leith and Claude? Too bad, they’ll probably break up soon knowing how this show goes.

Do you like Elizabeth I? Too bad, here she’s portrayed as a bitch.

Do you like Mary Queen of Scots? Too bad, here she’s depicted as a young woman that can’t do anything without a man by her side instead of the smart caring person she really was (and was in season one). 

And the list goes on and on and on…

If the viewers had at least a few of the things that they like about the show, then maybe people would stay. But instead everything we love about this show gets thrown away and everything we don’t care about (like Bash’s pagan experiences with Delphine) just keep coming back again and again and again until no one cares anymore.

This is a prime example of what not to do when writing a television show. You have to give the fans something.