Reiji: In honor of being a good brother, I made a list of all the things that I like about you.

Shu: This is just a blank piece of paper.

Reiji: Exactly.

…I haven’t finished my 3k yet (though I’m close) but I was looking at all the shit on my desk and feeling for once like I could deal with it and long story short I got our taxes submitted. :)

Which is good since we need the money to pay for ramblingandpie’s hospital visits. (big sigh). Bonus, it looks like we’ll have enough! 

*glances at sleeping baby*

I love you, my little tax credit…

The coolest socks for the coolest people…Niall is jealous because Sanne never bought him such amazing footwear!
Also great weekend in Amsterdam with the most promising girl band ( @sunshineloueeh maybe you can play the triangle ;P), now if only I could catch a flight out of here that’d be great, thanks

Spent a great day in the city today. So much walking and standing. My legs and feet hurt. even each of my toes. My very being is tired and exhausted. 

So I will save Finishing a power point presentation, a chapter outline (the chapter is 30 pgs long) that’s part of a group project, and studying for a test on Tuesday. Also I forgot I also gotta SCREAM INTO THE VOID. Because that is what I will also be doing as do all that class work. 

RIP me.