Beauty and the Beast (in Space) Masterpost

Since I was asked about this, I’m putting together here a chronological list of stuff that is more or less part of the main ‘story’.

Please note that this list does NOT include everything I’ve ever posted with these characters - for that, you can look through my batbinspace tag.  Not everything here is 100% ‘canon’ in its current form, either, but close enough to get an idea.  The art jumps around a lot too, BOO.  I’ll … TRYYY to update this post at some point in the future as I post new stuff.  Thank you for looking <3


First meeting

and also more first meeting

Early on

Several months in

Starting to reevaluate

Starting to reevaluate part deux

Starting to reevaluate the third

Getting used to it

This happens sometime in here part one

and part two

Getting too used to her now

Oops we kissed

Stuff happens then this happens

This, to me, might be considered kind of a step backwards

But yeah, he was obviously lying

She came back

oh no

(but mostly dead is slightly alive part one

and part two)

This isn’t reeeaally a story scene but it’s sort of canon eventually