Beauty and the Crimson Beast

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How similar are Belle and Rey’s reactions when they see prince Adam’s and Kylo Ren’s faces for the first time? I think they are too similar and presented in too similar manner for this to be a coincidence.Disney is behind both movies, so I have the impression they are playing with the viewers, that they did this on purpose. And what about the expressions on the guy’s faces, the way they look at the camera and the viewers, Belle and Rey included, their stances, the hair length and how it is slicked back, how the light gleams on their faces when there’s darkness around them?

Can the similarities be a coincidence? I don’t think so.

This doesn’t mean these two stories have anything in common, not even that there’ll be romace in Rey and Kylo’s future or that they’ll fall for each other,but the hints are there, the likeness to another Disney movie where they guy seems to be a monster and looks like one whose human face the heroine doesn’t know in the beginning.

I don’t know what will happen to Kylo and there aren’t any reasons to be optimistic,but these parellels can’t have been unintentional, they did this for a reason. I’m already looking forward to discovering why.