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Your Song
Ewan McGregor & Alessandro Safina
Your Song

Another one of my favorite love songs. I love this version of the song. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the original version of this song by Elton John too. But I also really love hearing Ewan McGregor sing this. He does a beautiful job with it.

Do I have Moulin Rouge! on the brain? …Maybe… Once I finish this semester on Thursday I’ll definitely be watching this movie again.

Your song

I didn’t need him to sing because his words sang for him.

He showed me that he loved me in so many ways.

I could always hear his loving serenade

In the waves of the ocean on the rocks

In the sunrise song of all birds

In the soft splattering of the rain as we danced

In the paintings he and I loved to stare at

In the books we cherished and discussed

In those afternoon trips to the library

Where we would end up kissing behind the librarian’s desk

He sang and I listened and held it in my heart

The melody of the song he contrived

Forever it plays in my mind


 This post was inspired by  the poem Written words and sounds of  @fragments-of-my-mind 

Your Song with 이진아 & 정승환 & 권진아
샘김 (SAM KIM)
Your Song with 이진아 & 정승환 & 권진아

Artist: Sam Kim
Song: Your Song with Lee Jin Ah & Jeong Seung Hwan & Kwon Jin Ah
Album: My Name is Sam

Korean American Sam Kim (runner up in season 3 of K-Pop Star) has released his debut mini-album through his record label, Antenna Music. ‘My Name is Sam’ is comprised of three songs and features some of Antenna’s other artists like Lee Jin Ah, Kwak Jin Ah, and Jung Seung Hwan. The folk-indie-ballad mix of the songs is really pleasing to the ears.