tv: wonderfalls


I make good life choices. Mostly because they’re forced on me, but I make them. And I find myself in unpleasant situations all the time. You know why? Because even if you have a choice it can and will be taken away from you. We’re all fate’s bitch. You might as well go ahead and bend over for destiny now.

My Favorite Siblings In Television

Jaye, Sharon, & Aaron Tyler- Wonderfalls

Their eldest daughter, Sharon, is a respected immigration attorney and the newest partner at the law firm of Merrifield, Hanson and Aldritch . 

Son, Aaron, is the youngest non-Asian to win the prestigious Fulton scholarship for religious studies and is currently pursuing his doctorate in comparative religion.

Jaye, a daughter, is 24.

bryan fuller lady protagonists!

i just really adore his lady characters, especially these three. they’re so relatable, despite their newly found extraordinary circumstances. they’re allowed to make mistakes, confront the consequences, and learn, and grow, but without compromising themselves. they all have the common trait of being “stuck” in some way. jaye just graduated from college and has found her degree to be pretty useless. chuck has lived with her shut-in aunts her whole life. and george dropped out of college and is unmotivated in general. and their relationships with their families, friends, and significant others are well-developed and dynamic. i just really love them and their shows. :’D