tv: whitechapel

As much as I like the Reincarnation AU ideas I’ve seen posted, I don’t think Jack Armstrong(from Vexed) and Joe Chandler (from Whitechapel) would make a good pairing, in spite of being policemen and such. Jack would drive Joe crazy. Literally.

Not to mentiom that in one episode Jack uses a guy with OCD to clean his house for free. Imagine poor Joe 

However, Jack and Clive (from Silk)… that would be a good couple. The policeman and the barrister.


The Canonical five victims of Jack the Ripper. 

  1. Mary Ann Nichols, 43 - 31 August 1888,  Buck’s Row
  2. Annie Chapman, 47 -  8 September 1888,  29 Hanbury Street
  3. Elizabeth Stride, 44 -  30 September 1888,  Berner Street
  4. Catherine Eddowes, 46 -  30 September 1888,  Mitre Square
  5. Mary Jane Kelly, 25 -  9 November 1888,  Dorset Street