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We Could Be Heroes || Blake and Preston

Scared and worried, Preston kept tapping messages out on his phone even as he was out the door. Though Blake was pleading with him not to come, Blake ought to have known there was no way that would have stopped him. Preston would come to his friend’s aid no matter what. Accelerating to a run, Preston made it to the park as fast as he could, looking all around for his friend. Blake had said he was planning to leave so Preston was desperate to catch him before that happened. Clearly something had happened that had hurt Blake in some way or he wouldn’t be in the park. Preston had just assumed the other boy had been drinking.

And then… Preston saw him. Mouth going dry and his phone slipping from his hand in mid-text, Preston stared in horror at the bloody and hunched figure of his best friend. He took a step forward in disbelief, wanting to believe that what he was seeing wasn’t real. That it was just a nightmare, not a dream. “B-Blake?” Preston whispered as he took another step. “Blake?” Preston could not turn his eyes away from the figure.

We can be Heroes || Larry Stylinson

Harry rested his hands on the drivers wheel and watched the clouds roll past his window screen. Dark and damp, and seemingly everything on the outside of his car was dull. Thankfully, the one thing that wasn’t was his best friend, seated next to him as they waited for the red light to turn green. He was always full of life, and Harry was utterly thankful to have him as a best friend again, as after a tough month of experimentation, it left them slightly stranded, and easily irritable but they both finally agreed that after this, they would stick to what they knew and they did just that and Louis tried fixing his marriage while Harry started a new one and all was going well.

The pair were off to buy suits for Harold as they had agreed prior, as Harry asked Louis to be his best man when he watched Arya walk down the aisle with her father. Knocking the girl from his mind, he broke the silence, “Slut, put on some music." 

14th September, 1977

Dear Patricia

I just tore open your letter and grabbed the typewriter straight away to type back. I also can’t stop thinking about you Patricia. I’ve never felt like this before. It’s very strange. It’s like I’ve gone soft in the head or something.

Of course I remember what you look like. You have long auburn hair and big green eyes and smile that shines brighter than the sun. But having said that a photo of you would go rather well in my wallet.

I hope you don’t think it’s too much but I’ve bought another dolphin for you. I found this one in a gift shop at Town Hall in the city. They’ve got all sorts of ornaments and a large range of dolphin ones. This one is glass and you can see through it. I have to find a box for it then I’ll send it over. It should go well with the first one. I’m glad your folks liked it. I would love to meet them one day. They must be so proud to have a daughter like you.

I don’t have a tape player but my mate Charlie’s installing a really good one in his car next week and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me using it. Please send your tape. I really do want to hear your voice.

I’m flat out with work at the moment. The boss is really making me pay for taking two weeks off for my holiday in W.A. Construction is behind because of wet weather so we have to work long hours to finish by the contracted date. Day dreaming about you is keeping me sane.

Patricia I can’t believe you ever considered that I would be put off by your leg. Of course I noticed it on the day but I thought nothing of it. I had an Aunt I grew up with in Berkshire who had a deformed head. She and I got along like a house on fire. I’d even joke about her head and she didn’t mind. Your leg is not and never will be an issue.

Thank you for the song. I can’t wait to hear the tune that goes with it. I’m sure you have a beautiful voice.

I know what your mum means. Telecom charges like a wounded bull for interstate. Writing and tapes are more than enough for now.

I was going to ask you. I’m thinking about saving up to come and see you again in Perth. Would that be ok?

Write soon. Don’t forget the cassette.

Love, Terry

- from the book We Can Be Heroes: The Journey

Attention Jarida Unicorns!

After months of inactivity, I am pleased to inform you that I have updated my Jarida sequel, Sleeping On Stones!! I’m so excited for this update because this is the chapter I had originally planned when deciding to write this sequel.

You can read it here ( Thanks for your continued support and love! Can’t wait to finish this one! ❤️

10th September, 1977

Dear Terry,

I can’t believe I’m writing again but I just can’t stop thinking about you. As I said on the phone I am just so grateful to you for your letter and gift. That beautiful dolphin has taken pride of place on mum’s mantle piece. Mum & dad love it.

You are a real gentleman Terry. You saved my life last week and now you are sending gifts and being so lovely to me. I really don’t deserve it.

It’s strange but even though I have no photo of you, and we met on such a brief moment on the beach that day, I can picture you so clearly, can you remember what I look like? Maybe we could send each other photographs?

Sydney seems a lifetime away from here. It was brilliant hearing your voice on the phone the other day. Mum’s a bit funny about me making long distance calls though so letters will have to do for now. Maybe I could send you a cassette of me talking so you can hear my voice? Do you have a player?

Before I sign off Terry I should make a confession. You may not have noticed on the beach that day but I do have a slight handicap. I want you to know now so that if it’s an issue you can go on your way and I’ll understand. A lot of blokes find it a bit confronting. Unfortunately one of my legs is longer than the other and I have to wear a built up shoe. I’m normal in every other way and with the shoe I can walk like a normal person. But if you find this hard to cope with then I understand and you can go on your way. I don’t mind.

Well Terry I really do hope I hear from you. Thoughts of you are buzzing around in my head every moment of the day. I was at gymnastics practice and I almost missed the pommel horse because I was thinking of you. And I just can’t take my eyes off that dolphin.

You might think its silly but I’ve written a little song about you that I’ve been singing to myself. Here are the words

Terry Terry, You make me very merry, Like a bowl of very lovely berries, I like a man called Terry

Please write back soon,

Love Patricia

- from the book We Can Be Heroes: The Journey


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