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Kit, BBCRadio4 interview…(Gunpowder/Game of Thrones)

TYSM Lila! (Full interview) OMG! His voice!!! And with Peter Mullan… I can’t!!
Peter Sallis: Last of the Summer Wine actor dies aged 96 - BBC News
Last of the Summer Wine actor Peter Sallis, voice actor in Wallace and Gromit, dies aged 96.

Peter Sallis, noted for his roles as  Mr David Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine and the voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit, has passed away at 96.

So I am pissed that Cody didn’t get in the top two, on the Voice. However when Boy George said that Cody didn’t want to sing the winners single anyway; I legit spat my tea out. Like the dog is licking it off the floor. 

However the two worse acts got through, so I am not bothering to watch the rest. I hope Boy George does something wit Cody any way, since she is amazing. 

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Look, there were rumours that the producers of the Voice uk were looking into someone who would bring a younger public . There were a bunch of articles claiming that in order tk do that they were talking with tom odell. Nothing has been confirmed. You know who would also bring a younger audience? And at the same time he himself would be exposed to an older audience?? Yes, you do. I'm not saying Louis will be a judge on the Voice uk, but thats exactly what I'm saying.

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