tv: tv: star trek the next generation


I noticed how awkward Riker gets into a chair on a rerun once and didn’t realize it happened nearly every episode.


(The scanner kind of destroyed some of the finer shading on this, so I think some of the likeness is gone but oh well.)

So recently I posted about how much I wanted Deanna introducing Garak to Chocolate Fudge Sundaes, and them both having a wonderful time eating ALL of them. Beverly warned them about how they were going to end up needing to go to sickbay if they ate ten sundaes but…


They ate all the sundaes.

So Beverly and Pulaski’s current science project gets interrupted by two very very self-satisfied aliens who need hypos but obviously feel like it was all 110% worth it.

Beverly knew this was going to happen, so she’s already thinking about where the nearest equipment is. In the meantime, Pulaski is digesting - EXCUSE THE PUN - the information that Deanna and Garak did indeed eat ten chocolate fudge sundaes.

110% WORTH IT.

Somewhat of a follow-up to this image! I didn’t get to show off more green colouration last time, or scale patterns on the chin.

Cardassian “hair” is made up of protofeather-like tufts, which is more obvious with certain hair types than others (most commonly green). Scale patterns on the chin may sometimes have small unbranched filaments poking out. Having such large darker scales on the tip of the lower jaw is pretty rare, but happens, and green as strong as Jil’s is quite rare too. Their society has been homogeneous for so very long that it’s hard to trace physical traits like that back (as opposed to larger more obvious anatomy changes) - and really it doesn’t matter to anyone, given their unification under the state. 

I’m so glad Marc Alaimo played Macet and Dukat differently lmao, because otherwise Macet’s profile would have ended up an awkward recolour of Dukat’s. I’m not sure if I’m completely happy with Natima (since I don’t know her yet, and also couldn’t find decent reference of her hair), but I wanted to trryyy. SO YEP MORE SPACE LIZARD FACES FOR Y'ALL.