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Data drabble - bathing with the emotion chip

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 466
Warnings? None

“I still do not understand how sitting in a tub of hot water is relaxing,” Data said as he watched the steaming water fill the bathtub.

You smiled. “It just is. It’s hard to explain. It’s just … the feeling of the warmth around you relaxes your muscles and mind.”

Data hummed as he mulled over that. “Biologically speaking, heat can induce the relaxation of muscles, but I do not have muscles.”

“Trust me, it’s relaxing.” You shut the bathroom door. “It’ll be like cuddling, only in hot water.”


You started to take your clothes off and Data stared. “Why are you undressing? I thought we were, as you said, cuddling. I did not realize we would also be initiating in—”

You cut him off with a laugh. “Data, we’re going to bathe. One doesn’t bathe in their clothes.”

Data blinked, going through the information in his head on baths. “Ah. You are correct.”

You smirked as you shimmied out of your underwear. “Strip down, Data.”

You watched Data as he took his clothes off, admiring his body. Even though he wasn’t flesh and blood, he had one hot body. The perfect curve at the hips, the subtle definition at his abdomen, defined hip bones, and he even had a faint happy trail leading down to his groin.

“Enjoying what you see?” Data asked.

You made eye contact with him and grinned. “I always enjoy what I see when I look at you.”

Data smiled slightly. “I am … pleased. And I feel the same way”

You pecked his lips then turned to the tub to turn off the water. Data looked at your naked body. “You are most beautiful, Y/N.”

You smiled. “And you are most kind.”

Data stepped closer. “I like to be kind to you. It makes you smile, and that is something I enjoy seeing. I am not entirely sure as to why that is. I am still trying to figure out why certain things result in emotions to arise.”

You laughed lightly. “Well, thank you.”

“You are welcome.” Data looked at the hot water. “Shall we get in?”

You nodded. “After you.”

Data stepped into the tub and stood shin-deep as he let the feelings sink in. He involuntarily sighed.

You smiled. “Like it?”

“I believe I do. It feels … nice.” Data smiled at you. He slowly sat down in the tub, extending his legs.

You got in and sat in front of him with your back against his chest.

Data wrapped his arms around your waist. “I feel very content in here with you, Y/N.”

You placed your hand on top of his. “That’s good, Data. I’m glad.”

“As am I.” He kissed your shoulder softly, making both of you smile.


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