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wops about that poly headcanon ask with optimus,ratchet and human i never clarified which soooo,,,,TFP pls?


Ratchet/Optimus Prime/Human!S/O

- Both of these Lorge Boys are pretty against PDA, but when it comes down to private moments with each other? It’ll be hard to get them away from you.

- They’re both extremely protective of you, and take it upon themselves to worry about you 24/7. You appreciate the sentiment, but a papercut is not going to kill you.

- You’re their anchor throughout everything that’s going on. Your natural calming composure, as a human, just seems to affect them for the better. Let either of them pet you and that bot is guaranteed to be at least 30% calmer. 

- Though they can’t really return them, they both love getting kisses. If you’re a very affectionate person, and smooch them often, you’ll have them wrapped around your finger within minutes.

- Ratchet overworks himself often, so it’s up to you and Optimus to bring him back to Earth and make sure he doesn’t accidentally offline himself from working so hard. Optimus will pick him up and carry him off and away from his work station, taking(more like dragging) him to your collective Berthroom to make sure he sleeps.

- Ratchet is surprisingly cuddly, if you can get him comfortable enough for it. He’ll use your stomach as a pillow(not fully lying his weight on you, of course) just to be close to you. It’s really sweet.

- Optimus has a weird sense of humor neither you or Ratchet understand. You love him dearly, but you just… don’t get his jokes, is all.

- Gr8 relationship. 10/10

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*Swoops in before you're totally flooded with asks* I got so pumped when I saw you were doing this! I know you'll get tons of people requesting stuff in no time ;) Anyway, since I've got final exams this week... Could I get TFP Optimus' reaction to finding out that the reader has been forgetting to eat/drink because they're so focused on schoolwork? (Thanks in advance! ^^)

I wish that my friend and good luck in your finals and here go, I hope what do you like it

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  • He will see that lately, you do not go to the Autobot base, he will ask the children if you are well, jack responds what you have the finals, it is a normal thing, he still worries for you.
  • It has been a few days, Optimus decides to go and see you when he enters your house is surprised, your house is disastrous and he sees that you are sleeping on top of the notebook, when he wakes you, you explain everything you have been doing.
  • Optimus is surprised and immediately begins to help you, despite your complaints, he alone wants your well-being.
  • He gives you encouragement to study and helps you in something that you do not know.
  • When it’s the last day before of school work or exam, he’ll say “whatever the results, I’ll be proud of you” thanks to you sure you will have approved