tv: transformers prime

Can I just talk about this one moment in TFP in the episode “Patch” ?

Like, Megatron reached out to Starscream to assure him, calmly saying “No one is perfect, Starscream”. Megatron legitimately meant it to him that he doesn’t expect Starscream to be perfect. and he understands that no one is perfect, kudos to you Megatron, we should all learn something from him

  • (Knockout and Starscream are in the lab working together on a project Lord Megatron assigned them. Knockout accidentally scratches his paint on the edge of the table as he walked past it)
  • Knockout: "NOOOOOOO!"
  • Starscream: "WHAT!? WHAT IS IT!?"
  • Knockout: "I've been hurt! The table got me! I'm dying!!"
  • *Knockout dramatically falls to the ground*
  • Knockout: "Avenge me!!!"
  • Starscream: "Seriously Knockout? All that over a little scratched paint? Was that really necessary?"
  • Knockout: *From down on the floor* "YES!"