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can i get imagines for an ftm reader who reslly wants to wear a frilly dress like costume but is worried about how his big robot friends will react?

I never did get the bots you wanted for this post ;; I’ll just use my choice for now and, if that isn’t right, just send it right back and I will gladly take it and redo it!!


He’s using his holoform just to shop with you, he hates his holoform, but he’ll do this for you. He has noticed every single outfit you’ve looked at, even if it was just a half second pull to get a better look, he’s noticed. He’s also noticed how most of the one’s you lingered on were quite poofy dresses with a lot of frill and such. Every time you pull him back off to the men’s section of costumes until he finally stands firm and stares down at you. 

“Witch, Alice, or Red Riding Hood?” It’s such a sudden question you don’t actually understand at first until he elaborates, “Those are the three you’ve come back to the most, which one?” He says it almost impatiently, you’re sure he’s not, he just isn’t good with feelings.

You fidget a moment before shaking your head, “That’s not… very manly.” It’s a whisper, but he heard you, and he almost looks ready to murder. He huffs and turns around and pulls out something he’d spotted himself, a black corseted top with a deep purple and blue puffy skirt with much rougher frills than the things you’d picked out yourself. It takes you a moment to realize he’s pulled out an ‘evil fairy’ costume. “I happen to quite like this and I happen to thing it makes me no less of a man if I put it on my body. Clothing do not make the man, my love, and a dress will make you no less of one.” 

He barely gets to see the tears in your eyes as you fling yourself forward into his chest. His automatic reaction is to wrap his arms tightly around you, despite the embarrassment of being so openly affectionate. He lets you cry, little whimpers, not hard crying, until you’re done and pull away to wipe your eyes with a soft smile, “Witch” and he laughs slightly with a nod, pulling the costume out for you. 

Knockout and Breakdown
They’re on either side of you, holding your hands tightly in their own as they shop with you. Knockout has already chosen his costume and neither you nor Breakdown are the least bit surprised with his choice of sexy doctor. However, both of you are sure the skirt of it will never cover his ass, you’re also both sure doesn’t care. On the other hand, neither you nor Breakdown have been able to choose a costume of your own. Knockout has showed you both several, but none of them ever feel like the right option.

Breakdown was more partial to the traditionally creepy costumes, always stopping to look at murderous clowns, zombies, and cryptid or creepy pasta type costumes such as The Rake or Moth Man. You, however, were finding that your tastes differed entirely from either of theirs, you already self-conscious about it before, that just seemed to make it worse. However, if you think neither of them have noticed the costumes you seem most drawn to, you’re completely wrong.

They let you choose one that you clearly don’t like and, personally, Knockout thinks it’s awful period. You’re unaware they have a plan until you come out in the fireman costume and they’re both holding out two costumes each, Knockout holding a Glinda and a Cinderella dress out, Breakdown holding out a ball joint doll costume and a bride of chucky costume. You’re less surprised by the theme of their choices and more about the fact that they noticand happily ed you looking at puffy, cute costumes.

They both smile before Knockout speaks, “If I can wear a sexy doctor outfit, you can wear a poofy dress. You’ll look great.” You don’t really get a chance to argue as they stuff you into the dressing room with their options. It takes a moment for you to compose yourself and actually try on their options. Knockout has to zip you into all of the options, but you’ve had so much fun and you feel so good about yourself now. You really shouldn’t have doubted them, they’re amazing.

They both cheer, embarrassingly loudly, when you finally choose and happily check out with you. Breakdown gives the person behind the counter such a bone chilling stare when they look like their about to say something about two of the choices that they’re actually much too afraid to talk through the rest of the process and might actually be shaking. You nor Knockout notice in your excited chatter about Halloween.

You’ve been searching for hours because Smokescreen wants to do matching costumes with you, but he doesn’t want to insult you or make you uncomfortable and all the couple costumes are for straight couples and none of them are for gay couples. He’s so frantic he hasn’t noticed that you’ve been looking at all the frilly cute little dress numbers in your search for the best costumes. 

The only reason he even does notice is because he turns around to admit his defeat and maybe just get sort of matching costumes. He stops to watch you really take in all the adorable details on an American Dream costume. Smiling softly, he moves to stand behind you and lean over to get a better look, “Do you like this one?” His voice scares you half to death, jumping out of your skin and gripping your chest in frantic fear.

Laughing nervously he apologizes before holding the costume a little further off the rack to look at it, “you’d look great in it and I could wear the same one!” He pulls it out another American Dream costume as he speaks, so excited about what you want to wear during Halloween and not all condescending or rude and even joining in. He becomes a bit frantic when he sees you’re crying, don’t cry, he didn’t mean to make you cry!

A watery laugh as you explain why you’re crying, you’re happy. He’s confused and so you explain further. He’s not judging you or making you feel less of a man for wanting to wear a cute skirt, he’s just going right along with it. You were so worried he’d think if was stupid or ridiculous or make you less manly. He smiles and brings you into a tight hug, “You’ll always be my man.”


He hates every second he’s in this store, there are too many kids, they’re all screaming, their parents won’t make them shut up, and they’re running everywhere like it’s a damn playground. He’s Suffering™. He’s already decided that he’s just going to throw on one of these shitty masks, a werewolf, and call it good enough. He’s still here because you’re deciding yourself.

He’s notices, sometimes, when you hang back and sees what’s in your hand and what you’re looking at. Other times he’s a bit distracted, being disgusted with the children, why are human children so rude? His attention goes fully on you, however, when you seem to look so down suddenly.

He rolls his eyes and moves to pull out the one he’s seen you grab the most, “This is your size right? Let’s go before I commit a felony.” “Pharma yo-” “Shut up let’s go.” There’s not much arguing with Pharma when he’s like this, but you do check the size to make sure it’s correct. You can’t say you’re surprised he knew your size, he seems to know a lot of things like that. You smile a bit before following along beside him, taking his hand as you get in line.

He doesn’t do anything for a while, simply standing in line, holding your hand, angry at the world. However, he pulls you into his side, wrapping his arm tightly around your shoulders, head turned toward you and tilted down, whispering in your ear. “Regardless of what you wear, you’re always going to be my man.” It’s a surprise, he’s not usually like this, but it’s a pleasant surprise that leaves you smiling brightly, his arm still tight around you, as you wait to check out.

He can’t see you, he doesn’t know which costume you picked out from him, he doesn’t care either. What he does care about is how silent you’ve gotten, how seemingly distant. He can’t see, even his avatar is blind, he picks up on things much easier. You stopped talking excitedly about the events of this Halloween some 40 minutes ago, about, and you started pulling away from him some about 20 minutes ago. It’s starting to both worry and bother him. He speaks up.

“Love, what’s wrong? You’ve gone silent and you’re keeping distant from me.” You wish then, more than anything, that he could see. You’d pulled out so many costumes, scrutinized them all, taken a look at him, and decided it wasn’t a good idea. Now he noticed, and he wants to know, he should know. You don’t want to talk about it, you do anyway.

“I just… Can’t decide what costume I want to wear. I’ve pulled out so many, they’ve all been so good, but then… Then I look at you and I’m worried what you’ll think.” “I can’t see you.” It so dry, so bland and obvious. Like he’s stating that it’s cold when it’s snowing or that they’re in space when on the Peaceful Tyranny. You suddenly feel a bit ridiculous, but explain further. “No… I… Want to wear a cute… frilly little skirted costume, they’re cute, I like them, I like the way the look on me, I like the way it bounces and flounces, the way it moves around my legs, and I don’t want you to think of me less of a man when you feel it, touch it, feel that it skirted, a dress, I just… Don’t want you to feel that I’m…”

He cut you off with a hand on your face, trying to find your lips, and when he does, his are on yours. It’s gentle, soft, and assuring, but also chaste and leaving you wishing you weren’t in public. He’s smiling softly down at you, not teasing or cruel, reassuring and genuine. “Love, I could never think of you as less of a man. You are a man. No garment or fabric is going to change that fact. Just because you’re a little bit different from other human men, doesn’t mean you are not a man. And if a man with a penis can wear a dress and still be a man, then so too can a man with a vagina. Makes no difference.” Though his voice is lighter, it’s the same kind of obviousness as the statement that he couldn’t see. As if you should know this already, as if you should have known you were so loved. And you should have, but he still knew you’d need the reassurance.

He doesn’t wait for you to come to him, gently, carefully, wrapping you into his arms, pulling you close to his chest. “Darling, I love you. Choose whichever costume suits your fancy and make it the poofiest skirted outfit you can find.” He grins down at you and you laugh, a bit watery with unshed tears, and nod, heading back into the search much happier.

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Hello, I really like your blog! Could I maybe get reactions from the bots for this scenario: human s/o has insomnia that gets really bad sometimes, and they try to keep it secret but the bots start noticing how frail and sick they’re getting until they all but collapse in the middle of their work. I’m very tired haha. Btw, tfp Magnus is bae and you are by far my favorite writer for him, thank you so much!!

Deepdrive: I’m so glad that you think I have done a good job writing his character. Get some sleep sweetspark.


It would hurt him to see you getting sick like this without you telling him what was wrong, and the worry would have plagued him at the back of his mind. When you collapse he would almost be relieved to now at least know what was wrong. He would be willing to do anything he can to help you sleep if it would mean preventing this from happening again.


He is sadly not much better than you, when he started to notice you becoming frail and sick he himself started having to have trouble falling into recharge because he got so worried about you. When you collapse at work he really starts to panic and it would be up to the other Autobots to intervene and lock both of you in a room until you get some sleep together (Ratchet would probably supply sleeping medicine for you).


He would blame himself, thinking that it was his bad habits of staying up late and watching movies had rubbed off on you. He would go into one of his rare, over-protective-worried states and begin pushing, almost too hard, to help you get to sleep until he calms down and you can both have a proper discussion.


He would be really mad that you aren’t looking after yourself properly, some of the anger is aimed at you, because you didn’t tell him, and some of it is just a general mad. Basically, you have earned a spot in the med-bay in which you cannot leave until you’re better. Ratchet isn’t a complete monster though, he would give you sleeping tablets from now on to help you out.


He would race you over to Ratchet not having a clue what was going on, he would be full on panicking, worried that you were dying or something else serious. It would take a long talk with Ratchet to calm him down. Until you get better and afterwards at night he would make sure to keep you company to help you sleep.


He would chuckle softly. He had recognised what was going on from the beginning, as many times he has observed restlessness in Bulkhead and at rare times when he has bothered to care, Ultra Magnus. He would just gently pick you up and place you in a pile of blankets and keep you company while you sleep.

Ultra Magnus

It would trouble him greatly, but he would relate to you almost completely, being the workaholic he is whom occasionally forgets the concept of sleep/recharge. He would seek human medical advise and make sure that you get plenty of rest the next few days.