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if there’s any star trek character that i want more appreciation for, it’s ilia, because she:

  • died trying to help chekov after he was hurt by the v’ger cloud
  • comes from a alien species that is extremely sex-oriented but she never lets that cloud her judgement or interfere with her job
  • which is?? navigator. she’s a fucking kickass navigator who can keep her cool almost as well as spock can even when there enterprise is being attacked by something that’s never-been-seen before
  • she must’ve been hella good at the academy to be assigned to one of the most famous ships in starfleet history
  • apparently deltans (that’s her species) can do trignometry and highly complex space math like humans can do multiplication tabels, so, like, damn
  • her memories of love and affection, when transferred to the ilia-probe, were so strong they broke v’ger’s programming
  • she has one of the most beautiful musical themes i’ve ever heard, and this version of it opens the movie
  • lastly, she is literally the ONLY PERSON CONCEIVABLE who can pull off that absolutely horrible starfleet uniform or the high-collar robot-probe dress, i stg 
Error 404, heterosexuality not found

I’m finally getting around to reading Gene Roddenberry’s novelization of The Motion Picture. I will skip over the well-known T’hy’la part and go straight to the chapter where Spock returns to the Enterprise and steps on the bridge, much to Jim’s delight.

So. Is this a reaction to a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Not for me, even though I do get excited when I see friends again after a long time.

Why is there talk of “friendship and affection”? While affection certainly doesn’t have to mean love, the term “friendship” already includes “affection”, doesn’t it? So why use both terms? Because there is more to it than mere friendship?

Also: “superior even to the wild physical love which affected Vulcans every seventh year during pon farr.”
Holy hell, what is this? The connection between these two is superior to pon farr? (Well, okay, we knew that since Amok Time.)

This doesn’t necessarily imply that they have ever been engaged with each other sexually, no, it goes beyond that.
But do they need to be sexually involved?

Basically, what Roddenberry tells us here is “Fuck sex this is much better!”

I don’t consider Spock to be asexual (TOS has shown us he is capable of experiencing sexual attraction outside pon farr), but I can easily see these two together without ever needing to get physical.

(But I also find it rather easy to imagine they did go down that road after TMP.)


the mindy project aesthetic ⇨  dr. mindy lahiri

“I’m not picky. I just have high standards.”

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my forever favorites: (15/50) male characters ◈ Morgan Tookers

Look, whenever I got my ass kicked, whether it was my literal butt ass or my emotional heart ass, I did the same thing. I got back out there, and I made ‘em regret they ever messed with me in the first place. Think of the best, strongest warrior version of yourself. Give that warrior a name. Never tell it to anyone. Mine is Axehead Lundgren. Come on, Morgan! Then whatever he’s doing to the warrior, he’s not doing to you, so you find his weakness, and you tell your warrior to go get him.