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Current Richonne Fics

Ok, so I am all for literary freedom but something is pissing me off. Everytime I go to read a Richonne fic, it’s hardcore smut. Like every single goddamn time, and I’m tired of it. Can we not have some fluff? Some slow-burn until we jump straight into humping? Is that too much to ask? What probably peeves me off the most though, are the ones that have Michonne like “Oh sweet Rick, please love me, come ravish me into the night.” Like bitch please. Michonne is a bamf, and she would never grovel to anyone like that, let alone a possible partner. I agree that she does crave intimacy and human contact, but for fuck’s sake, let the women have her dignity! The problem with both of these fic-types, is the fact that they completely erase not only the character’s personality, but their character development. I would love to see some hints of hesitant Michonne or still-grieving Rick in a fanfiction. I want them to be together, but it has to be accurate to not only their personalities, but also to their backgrounds. I guess what I’m trying to say is, a little more flowers and chocolates and a little less shackles and butt plugs.