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Zac Efron Imagine

Imagine - Anonymous

Zac and I were on our way to the Neighbors premier. We had starred in another movie together and were “dating”. We werent really dating it was just a publicity stunt.

While we were walking on the red carpet we stopped to answer a few questions. All at once we were bombarded with questions.

“Are you two getting married!?”

“marriage? Whens the wedding?’

"Is it true you’re 3 months pregnant?”

“What are you going to name the kid? How many do you want?”

Zac was the one to speak up, i was in too much shock. “None of that is true. We aren;t getting married and definitely arent having a child together!”

We answered a few good questions and took pictures then went inside for the movie. Instead of watching it we talked. Even though we were both stars of a movie together we never got to really know each other.

“wow, (y/n), you’re actually really cool.” He said with a fond smile.

“Geeze dont sound to surprised!” I laughed.

“No, I just meant, i could see us really hanging out. Not as an act…. Say, you wanna come back to my place after the party? Or before. It doesnt matter to me.”
“Sure Zac, When ever you wanna go.”


The Room (signed!)
The Room Soundtrack (signed…to my friend!)
The Neighbors Season 1
South Park Season 8

This week I went to see The Room in theaters for the first time with my best pals. It was an awesome experience! Tommy Wiseau was there signing and introducing the movie. Lined up first for Q and A and got the hot scoop: Best friends comes out “maybe September”!

Also picked up South Park Season 8 which clears me up to Season 17 or something.

And: Yooka-Laylee! If you like Banjo-Kazooie then… Yooka-Laylee is Banjo-Kazooie.


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

Zac Efron Imagine

Imagine: Zac Efron - Anonymous

It was your very first premier with your boyfriend, Zac Efron. He’s new movie The Neighbors was being released. You had on a long sparkly red dress with your hair curled and pulled off to the side.

“Nervous Babe?” Zac asked quietly as you started walking the red carpet.

“W-why do you ask that?” You asked.

“Well, one i can feel your hand sweating, and two you stuttered when replying.” He said smiling.

You blushed taking your hand back and wiping it off on your dress.

“Dont worry Babe, you look great and everyones going to love you.”

As he finished saying that  couple of girls screamed wanted a picture with you both. So you walked over to them and got a couple fan pictures. Then headed over to take questions from the interviewers.

Most were about the movie, but some were about your relationship.

Everyone commented on how cute of a couple you were. As you were walking into the theater Zac said, “See, they loved you nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks Zac.I love you.” you said leaning up to kiss him. As you did you saw the flash of a camera. “forgot we were surrounded by the paparazzi.”

He shrugged to say oh well and led you to your seats.