tv: the finder

Remember how the Finder had a racially diverse cast?

Remember how the Finder had an equal parts male and female cast?

Remember how the one time one of the main women was seen in her underwear, she was also wearing an open shirt which completely hid the contours of her body?

Remember how they had an episode where the killer was a hot, sexy woman who used her influence on men to hunt them down and kill them, and in that same episode had a woman with all the same types of feature who used them to put herself through college and was super smart and helpful on the case?
And how often they’d have women who had a lot of sex, and they were never once demonized for it?

Remember the episode about rap and the culture around it that was all about damaging appearances and the influence of money in a business that used to be about art?

Remember how they featured friendships across the generation gap?

Remember how they talked about how stupid it was to assume that just because a guy and a girl were close they had to be sleeping together?
On multiple occasions?

Remember how Walter and Isabel had an open relationship, and were both happy with it?
Remember how Walter and Leo were pretty open about being platonic soul-mates?

Remember how a huge part of Timo and Willa’s storyline was all about choosing who you wanted to be loyal and close to, how much was really owed to family, and how much one was willing to give up for one’s own happiness?

Remember how Walter was a brain-damaged veteran who’d served multiple terms overseas?
And was alienated from his family for the personality changes he underwent because of said brain damage?
And even though his quirks were often used as jokes, they were also genuinely frustrating and hard to deal with for the people around him?
Who worried about him constantly?
But helped him, looked after him, and loved him still?
And he was never portrayed as a burden?

Remember how Leo was considered just as attractive when he was overweight as he was once he became a muscle-bound goliath?

Remember how Leo’s family died several years ago and he still wasn’t over it?
Remember how he chose to forgive their killer because “I deserve it.”

Remember how often they dealt with corruption?
And other people’s mental health?
And superstition, religion, and beliefs?
Different forms of gambling and business?
Just morality in general?

Remember how no one’s opinion was ever bashed by the show, and if any one character was being a jerk, everyone called them out on it?

Remember how Walter was one of the only private investigators on TV who would have someone tell him they owed him and actually called in the favor?

Remember how this show was cancelled after only one season?
I do.

  • 1st bad guy: Just because we're twins, doesn't mean we're related idiot!
  • 2nd bad guy: We're both twins, just not with each other!
  • Walter: Okay, so where's your brothers?
  • 1st bad guy: You mean my sister?
  • Walter: You know what, just stab me. I can't talk about this anymore.
  • dear fandoms
  • i know your hiatus is painful
  • but at least your show is not The Finder
  • it ended after 13 episodes
  • they’d already filmed the finale when it got cancelled
  • so it ended with multiple life-ruining cliffhangers
  • willa ran away
  • walter killed some people and got arrested
  • everyone cried in slow motion
  • then nothing 
  • nada
  • the end
  • no dvd
  • three of the actors went on to other things
  • two of those things got cancelled
  • the other actor was michael clarke duncan
  • he died
  • i think you’ll survive your hiatus

Can we just talk about how PERFECT Timo is?

I mean really, even just here, in a moment that lasts for like 3 seconds max, Timo’s put his hand on Willa’s knee to physically hold her back from going on a tirade with Mrs Farrel (because he KNOWS that if he doesn’t she will), he hijacks the discussion to get it back on track to find the missing girl, AND he provides a legitimately useful contribution to said discussion … while being as epically attractive as a wet-puppy-toby-hemingway-in-‘gypsy’-jewelery-and-an-emergeny-Tshirt …

Timo Proud is my kind of man.

There is an infinite thrumming unseen web that joins everything. Everything is connected to everything else but this fact is nearly impossible for us to grasp as we are just mollusks, shut up tight at the bottom of a dark cold ocean trying to make sense of stars that we cannot even see! I challenge everything because when I do, a quick bolt of electricity jolts between two elements the otherwise appeared unconnected and you call it paranoia I call it epiphany. You want me to give that up so I can enjoy a cup of decafe coffee, I’m sorry, I can’t do that.
—  Walter Sherman; The Finder.