tv: teen wolf spoilers

You are sixteen and you are tired of moving around the world.
You hope that this time will be different and you hope you’ll make friends quickly and you really hope that you didn’t forget a pen.
You meet a boy with eyes that melt you like the California sun and another with lightning in his words and a girl with fire-red hair and ice in her veins.
You know that the one way to keep your friends and family happy is to keep your smile and heart alive.
You are sixteen and you hope you’ve finally found a place to stay.

You are just seventeen and your world has turned.
Your (sister) aunt is dead and there are werewolves in the world and nothing is a joke to you.
The boy whose eyes melted you glow amber in the light of the moon and the lightning boy grows sharper and the girl with fire on her head has madness in her heart.
Your mother joins your aunt but not before she joins those with lamps in their eyes and you wonder which is the betrayal
You know seventeen ways to kill a werewolf and seventy ways to kill a human and seven moves with Chinese Ring Daggers.
You are just seventeen and you’d like the world to stop.

You are old and weary and still seventeen and you’ve made it far in a world that kills the weak.
You protect those who cannot protect themselves but wonder if anyone will protect you.
The boy with ambers for eyes trades them for gleaming rubies and you no longer make those eyes light up with the glow of first love
You’ve found hope in the eyes of another who knows pain as intimately as you and who appreciates the beauty in broken glass.
The ice has melted in the fire-haired girl’s veins and instead spikes in the fingers of the boy of lightning who sees strawberries rather than flames.
You are middle-aged at seventeen and you are a hero with a silver arrow.

You are seventeen and a lover
You are seventeen and a fighter
You are seventeen and alone
You are seventeen and you are home
You are seventeen
and you will never be eighteen.

—  a tribute to the archer with the steady hand and steadier heart

Orny Adams as Coach Finstock in “Insatiable” (episode title also adequately describes my need for MORE ORNY ADAMS)

Orny has, on occasion, talked about feeling nervous or unsure of himself on the set of Teen Wolf because he thinks he’s the least experienced actor. I guess that’s fair enough – most of the cast have been in other things, and this is really the first real acting Orny has ever done. But look at him, you guys. LOOK. Look at that nervous look and body language when that dude from Eichen House is talking to him. 

And there is not a trace of sarcasm or mockery in his voice and his face when he’s talking to Meredith (and of course, he’s still so believably Coach Finstock – “Which nuthouse?” haha!) because he cares about all these kids.

You know, no scene from Teen Wolf has gotten to me as much as the one with Sheriff Stilinski’s “I didn’t believe”… But guys… guys. Coach. He believed. HE BELIEVED. [shiny eyes]

Orny Adams stole these scenes, stuffed them down the front of his breathable, sponsored-by-Nike t-shirt, and walked out the front door with them. Orny should be proud. You should be proud.


Okay but wouldn’t it have been WAY COOLER if Allison got stabbed in the stomach by the Oni and Scott had to bite her, because it was his last resort and he never wanted to pass it on to someone else after all he struggled, but Allison was dying.  And then the werewolf from Kira Mama’s interminable story backflipped onto the scene out of nowhere, and started fighting the Oni, and revealed she is ALSO a zillion years old and she heard Kira’s Mama could use some help again.  Then in the finale, everyone fights back to back cuz the idea of foxes and wolves not getting along is RACIST GARBAGE and a MYTH PERPETUATED by the Hunter ruling class to keep possible allies from bonding!

Then!  Then when Evil!Stiles is defeated and everyone’s sitting around eating smug shwarma, the Zillion Year Old Werewolf from That Really Long Boring Story quietly tells Allison that there are more like her, a pack of women who travel the world righting wrongs and seeking justice and they’d love to have her in their Werewolf Hunters of Artemis Fellowship.  After a long tearful goodbye scene with the McCall pack, Allison packs up, and the last scene is her walking into the sunset with her lady werewolf goddess mentor at her side, a quiver of arrows on her back. 

if only girls were born with steel
around their waists and hearts
but our skin is soft and weak
and parts to metal blade

if only girls were born to different names
ones that don’t doom them so young
to the promise of sharp ripping claws
and a cold metal slab where the dead lie

if only girls had put down their bows
exchanged them for porcelain dolls
with blonde yarn hair and glass eyes
over strings and metal arrowheads

if only girls didn’t fall in love
with boys who have deadly futures
star-crossed and ill-fated
metal and wolfsbane don’t mix

if only girls got a second chance
but that light looks like heaven
and those familiar faces welcome
the latest of Argent’s kin

—  M.H.
Marissa & Ryan - Scott & Allison

OTP: We all thought you were endgame and we’re really sorry that this is the reason that you’re not.

All right, I know I’m late on this but I am utterly devastated over Allison’s death. I respect that Crystal wanted to leave and that her final words were ultimately her decision. However, with all the development between Allison and her father this season I really think that it would have been 100,000 times better if she had died in her fathers arms. Because it really fucking sucks that she died telling someone she loved them when that boy was already moving on to someone else. It completely erased a whole seasons development and took her back to just being a love interest. I’m so fucking pissed.

what i want for the season finale

allison is dead. when they go after the nogistune and kill him, it kills stiles as well. just like allison, scott can’t take away stiles’ pain, because it does’t hurt. allison is dead, stiles is dead, the nogistune is dead. heartbroken, they give stiles and allison funerals. lydia does not wear black, she wears the dress allison loved her in the most. everything is wrong. everything hurts. chris sleeps in allison’s room that night, the sheriff stays up sitting on the floor in stiles’ room until he falls asleep. scott hugs stiles’ shirt to his chest as he cries himself to sleep.

thirty seconds left and it cuts to the forest. to the nemeton. through one of the cracks, down to the roots. they’re moving, shaping, building. building bodies. because when you sacrifice to the nemeton, the nemeton gives back.