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Full Chaz Wolcott segment on SYTYCD with bio/judge comments. (Still internally screaming FYI)


tate and kathryn rehearsing she used to be mine!!

Chaz Wolcott, 

   I don’t think that you could possibly understand the magnitude of what you’ve done with this audition. This is the kind of audition that dancers and non-dancers alike will come back to watch years from now because they cannot get enough of you. People fall in love with you and your flawless taps, your impeccable musicality or most importantly the way we can see that you love what you’re doing with every fiber of your being, smiling from ear to ear, and having the time of your life on that stage. The standing ovation you received did not end with the back row of that theater, no my friend, you had people on their feet all around the country.

  You are the kind of dancer that will inspire so many people in more ways than may seem possible with something as simple as an audition like this. Generations will go take their first tap class because of this and the fact that one day they want to be like you. Young eyes lit up all across the world when you tapped across that stage, that is something special that cannot be learned, that is a piece of your heart, a heart that was born to dance, shining so brightly and lighting the way for so many more to come. 

   Go on my friend, be the ray of sunshine that you are. Congratulations, you’ve earned this.

someone you’ve helped more than you know. 

47 Random Things About SYTYCD (S14E1)

1.  Oh God.  I haven’t done this in two years.  I don’t remember how to do this.

2.  I should have known that fucking “Scars” song would be the first one used on the show this season, goddammit.

3.  Cat Deeley are you fucking kidding me with this canvas button dress, what the goddamn fuck.

4.  We’re one minute thirty seconds in and I’ve already heard Mary Murphy scream four times. Please pray for my ears.

5.  Oh right, that’s how I do this.  Okay, I’m good now.

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She is messy, but she’s kind,
She is lonely most of the time,
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie,
She is gone, but she used to be mine.