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Cedar Waxwing by Greatblue1
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enjoying a snack, Summerland, B.C.

Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon goes up to the counter and orders an iced coffee. It makes sense to him. It’s cold outside and his drink should be, too. A shiver passes through him. He stares at his palm, where he’s incoherently diagrammed a series of complex chess moves. A bell tower in the distance strikes three times. His short, hairy companion lopes out into the street. The seventh-inning stretch is about to end.

So recently I stumbled upon this album and was very surprised to find that it is very witchy!
For example:
In the first song “Summerland” there is a lyric which says “triple goddess in the forest will you carry my soul up to paradise”

In the fifth song “Run Wild” the lyrics say “we ran through the trees chanting the mating call to the pagan gods out there”

And of course song number 9 “Witching Hour” is all about our sins coming undone and dancing until the rising sun to the heart beat of a thousand drums.

Up next at song number 11 “Howling Moon” we have the lyric “wolves outside and they all do witchcraft”

It doesn’t seem like much in the end but compared to any other album you can see that its really a lot of witchy references. The album name itself is based around one of the wiccan beliefs about the afterlife: Summerland.
The cover art looks like a circle to me and I don’t know maybe I’m making a huge deal out of something minor but this album is just really special to me now. I highly suggest giving it a listen so that you can catch the hints of witchcraft and so that you can simply enjoy all of the his music!!