tv: stargate

I really gotta applaud Stargate SG1 for not focusing on irrelevant romantic subplots (I’m only at the beginning of Season 5 so this could change in the later seasons). Yes, there’s been a few Sam/Jack moments (which have been nice and adorable and I totally ship them) but the focus has always been on the SG1 team and their missions. 

There’s been pretty much no “will they? won’t they?” and had this show been made in 2017 with different cast and crew I’m pretty sure they would have had Sam sleep with Jack, Daniel, and Teal’c already (and the associated drawn out and unnecessary drama that goes with it).

It’s just… refreshing… It’s funny how I’ve sort of come to expect it in any show I watch and when it isn’t there it’s so noticeable (in a good way). 

But SG1 is a great example of how you can have a fantastic show, with a fantastic cast, and yet it’s still great and engaging without a romantic subplot.

We all have that one fandom. That fandom that saved us. That fandom that taught us to be who we are today. That fandom who gave us hope when we had none. That fandom that was there for us when no one else was. Those characters who’s lives changed our own. The characters who helped us accept who we are. Those stories which taught us about bravery, friendship, determination and love, more then any text book could. We all have that fandom. That fandom who’s characters and stories inspired us. Inspired us to be better. Inspired us to create. Inspired us to live. Do not let anyone tell you that fandom is meaningless or silly or stupid or immature. Because fandoms save us.


“I had done another TV series at one point called, um, Providence where they had me comb the hair down and they couldn’t do it.  And FINALLY, the special effects department came into Hair & Make-up and they go, “No, no, we can get it down. ::laughter::  We have this stuff called Gafqat.  It’s an industrial strength polymere.  You just stick it on there and it’s like plastic.”  So they did it and, uh, it’s like, “Wow, this is really cool.”  And sure enough, after an hour…BOING!” 

Joe Flanigan talking about his hair “issues” at Stargate Atlantis Con 2007 

(For @uuuhshiny who reminded me of this today)