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The voice of the Star Trek Enterprise could be coming to Discovery

“One of the most iconic voices from the entirety of Star Trek‘s history might live on in some form if the man credited for the franchise has anything to say about it. Majel Barrett was an actress for over five decades but is most well known for voicing the Enterprise computer. According to a tweet from Gene Roddenberry’s official account, who was married to Barrett from 1969 until her death in 2008, Barrett’s voice has appeared so often that there might be enough data that her voice could live on, possibly in the newest iteration of Star Trek.

Barrett  is one of the few actors to have reoccurring roles on multiple Star Trek shows. She’s played many small roles over the years, but her most famous is as the voice of the Enterprise ship’s computer, which she did in the original Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was also the voice of the computer in Star Trek: Voyager, and was the narrator in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. making her one of the most prolific computer voices in all media.

Star Trek is a juggernaut, covering decades of film, television, and just about everything else you can consume. Considering its long history, along with the rampant opportunities for crossovers, it’s surprising that so few actors have had reoccurring roles in multiple series. If Barrett does appear in the new Star Trek:Discovery, as Roddenberry hopes it would, then she’d be the first actress to have major roles in five Star Trek series.

And that’s not including her other work on the shows. She’s appeared in the flesh in multiple roles, including as Nurse Christine Chapel in Star Trek and Lwaxana Troi in Next Generation.

This isn’t the first time either that Barrett’s voice work has drawn attention in the technology sector. Before Google Now, Google was using the codename “Majel” for its Siri competitor”   (source)