tv: spartacus vengeance

Things I find hot about Gannicus

In no particular order:
- The whole two sword fighting thing
- How he pronounces ‘apologies’
- His hair. Like… how it’s long and pretty and how he ties half of it up.
- Drunk Gannicus
- How he 'Raaaaaaaahs’ when he’s fighting
- His stubble
- His general charm and outstanding good looks

…I’m sure there’s more, but that’ll do. ;D

Fic: Quiet Observation

Title: Quiet Observation

Summary: He finds memories of the past follow him everywhere.

Characters: Oenomaus, Naevia, Nasir, Agron, Crixus

Ship: Nasir/Agron

Disclaimer: I do not own this amazing show or its characters. I am just a poor college student who gets a lot of enjoyment from watching this show.

AN: Written for this prompt:Oenomaus can’t help but make comparisons between Agron/Nasir and Barca/Pietros. He hopes their story as a happier ending in the Nasir/Agron LJ community.  I hope you enjoy.

AN 2: Spoilers for the season all around. Unbeta’d for now.

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