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I think Star Wars has the best action sequences, Star Trek is best for just how expansive its universe is (like every show has its own set of characters, ship, and part of the galaxy its most concerned with), and Stargate has the best premise and is best for having multiple recurring characters (but would have been better if they'd been allowed to do another SG-1 TV movie and the Atlantis movie they wanted to do)

Exactly. Each franchise has its own strengths and reasons it’s fun. Why limit yourself to one space franchise when you can enjoy ALL the space franchises!?? :)

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For Christmas my awesome brother gave me this really detailed Star Wars book. Many of the pictures had an art nouveau theme (which is a style I’ve always loved) and I started thinking how cool it would be if Star Trek was approached in a similar way. Art nouveau has a graceful, ethereal look with strong lines, and (as far as I know) it’s not a style associated with Trek. So, I’ve decided to make some Trek Nouveau drawings. And nothing represents Star Trek better than the USS Enterprise. It’s kind of a doodle really, but it turned out pretty neat. :)