tv: soul eater

Resbang 2017 Promo: “Their Steps Around the Colors”

Author: @saucey-and-spicey

Artists: @mystery-shrouded & @sojustifiable

Summary: Maka wasn’t prepared for Tsubaki and Liz to be getting married. And honestly, neither was Soul. They’re totally okay, though! I mean, when you’re asexual, you shouldn’t care about that kinda stuff. As the wedding slowly dawns on them, their ‘more than friends’ feelings get the better of them. 

But before they can deal with each other, they need to deal with themselves.

Pairings: SoMa, side TsuLiz, and hinted DeathStar

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Slight cussing, past mental abuse, and ace-phobia

Day 23 of NaNoWriMo

The woman nodded at her, and was about to walk away when Frankenstein spoke once more.

“What were you doing in Jekyll’s office?” Frankenstein asked.

The woman stopped as well, and turned to look at her. “Pardon?” she said.

“You came out from Dr. Jekyll’s office,” Frankenstein went on. “Shouldn’t you be  with the rest of the crowd, at the exhibits?”

The woman smiled once more. “I was just talking with Dr. Jekyll. You know how it is at such a time.”

Resbang 2017 Promo: “made, not born”

Author: @chaoticlivi

Artist(s): @nikowldrabbles, @sooshimaki

Summary: A demon mage has appeared in Death City, claiming the power to find any person’s true soulmate. It tells Maka exactly what she wanted to hear. But when it is revealed as a fraud, Maka’s doubts about whether the relationship she leapt into with Soul is really “meant to be” get the best of her as she tries desperately to out-logic her fear.

Pairing: SoulxMaka

Rating: T

Warnings: canon-typical violence, numerous swear words, angst, implied sexual interaction

  • Genie: what is your wish
  • Me: soul eater reboot. It follows the plot of the manga. Re-animated by Bones. The original dub cast is back and they use they/them pronouns when referring to Crona. Wes Evans animated. Kid becoming symmetrical on the small screen. The piano blade. Spartoi. Maka flying through the sky. "Even this music is something we made together, isn't it" in Micah Solusod's velveteen voice. It's glorious.