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Sasunaru/Natsume Yuujinchou AU
When I saw episodes 9 and 10 of Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, I thought that Sasuke and Naruto would fit the role of the two gods. Naruto as Houzuki and Sasuke as Fuzuki.

Two gods : Houzuki and Fuzuki
Every year, deep in the mountains, there was a contest held between these gods. The outcome of the contest greatly affected the mountains for if Houzuki wins, the land would be blessed with abundance of harvest. However, if Fuzuki wins, the land would suffer through a year with absence of harvest.
Every year, Houzuki would triumph.
(I choose to believe that somehow, Fuzuki would always let him win.)

Starship is gonna make me SNAP

“Comeback preparation”.Rest??? MX don’t know her.We’ve had two comebacks this year,a full album and a repacked album,a world tour,this schedule includes an award show and KCON.Listen I’m gonna hype this comeback because I love my boys BUT I will criticize starship for this because these boys deserve rest.Their health and happiness is more important and I hope to God they stay healthy through this.

EDIT:I just wanna add smth cookieangelwonho mentioned please don’t not support this comeback because of this.I don’t want them overworked but by supporting comebacks and making them successful it means in the future they don’t have to have three comebacks a year.So please DO support MX.

Tua ausência me dói, estralhaça todos os meus pensamentos, espalha todo o teu ser sobre meu corpo. Ficamos constantemente nessa coisa oscilante entre o ficar e o ir embora, e por fim ninguém solta a mão do outro. Mas ainda assim a tua ausência me dói.
—  Yalen Raquel.


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“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Naruto was a sedulous person, giving almost to a fault, and he took pride in it. He worked himself to the bone day in and day out to train his body, his mind, and to become the best. He helped everyone who asked, and even some who didn’t. As rewarding as his generosity and hard work all were, that didn’t prevent the occasional consequence from popping up. Naruto may be young and he may have unique healing, but he wasn’t exempt from the occasional issue. Said issue happened to be an aching back. 

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