tv: shounen club


Even in such a short time Tegomass managed to execute a full round of epic burns. First Tegoshi said he called his senpai Goseki “Gocchi” and Massu was like “An awfully audacious kohai!” Then as Tegoshi was explaining how ABC were the dance instructors at his audition, Massu said he also was there to which Tegoshi replied “Either you weren’t or you didn’t stand out!” True brothers.


Shounen Club 2017.08.04

The episode’s topic was “sea” so they talked about whether they like it and go to the seaside. Iwahashi said that even if he goes with family or members he puts up a parasol, wraps himself in a towel, puts on sunglasses and being an actual Hollywood actress. Then the creepier host said “I want to become a parasol!” Iwahashi then said he doesn’t like the sea because he can’t see what’s going on in the water. Then the creepy host said he wants to be Iwahashi’s ship demonstrating it. And with Genki’s boyfriend right there too. They also said they sometimes go to the beach together and go test the waters while joining hands.


An old performance of Star Time but still worth sharing because everyone sounded amazing <3<3<3

Credits to Youtube user:  ちう