tv: shoujo cosette

Here are some reasons why every Les Mis fan should watch Shoujo Cosette.

1. Thenardier sometimes walks like this.

2. After every episode, there is a preview for the next. The people who talk through these previews are little shits.

3. Little Cosette, Azelma and Eponine are adorable.

4. Enjolras is an inspiration.

5. Quality moments of classic Pontmercy.

6. Courfeyrac’s lack of boundaries.

7. ExR, baby.

8. The insightful introspection of the main characters.

9. There are some communication breakdowns when it comes to French names.

If that hasn’t convinced you, consider the following: Gavroche has a dog sidekick (that’s bigger than him) for some reason, you get to see Enjolras’ reaction to fangirls, Montparnasse is involved, and, oh yeah, it’s Les Mis.

my wishlist for BBC Les Miserables:

-is literally a live-action English-speaking Shoujo Cosette